Are you eating nuts the right way ?


Nuts are very popular super foods packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals our body needs. The taste and convenience make it the favourite snack of many. Nuts offer a handful of health benefits. They're the best source of plant based proteins. They contain omega 3 fatty acids which help to reduce the risk of heart diseases.

Nuts are the perfect balanced food for any kind of diet whether it's keto or paleo. People following any diet can include nuts in their menu. They provide a balance of fat, protein, carbs, fibre, calcium etc. They're perfect if you want to shred some weight. But do you know how to eat nuts to get maximum benefit out of it. Let's check that.


How to eat nuts and dry fruits
Nuts mainly contain phytic acid and enzymes which are needed to protect them  from sprouting before they are ready to grow. For some people this  phytic acid may cause some tummy problems. Phytic acid is indigestible for human and also affects absorption of nutrients such as zinc, iron and calcium. So if you are experiencing any sort of tummy trouble after eating nuts don't worry there's still a way to include these tiny power houses in your diet. Soaking nuts can easily resolve this issue. Soaking is the easiest and effective way to reduce phytic acid content, making it easier to digest.


Take a handful of nuts in a bowl. Wash them clean. Pour enough water to cover the nuts. Cover the bowl and leave it overnight or upto 8 hours. Next morning strain the water and eat the nuts. You can have soaked nuts at anytime as per your convenience but morning on empty stomach is the best time to consume it for maximum benefits.


Benefits of eating soaked nuts and dry fruits:

1. Improves digestion
Soaked nuts are easier to digest than raw. It can also boost digestion by increasing the enzyme activity. Nutrients are better absorbed then. When soaked, nuts will begin the sprouting process which increases their nutrient value.

2. Power house of nutrients
Nuts are loaded with nutrients. Including nuts in your diet can offer you fibre, vitamins, calcium, magnesium etc. Having a few soaked nuts in the morning is a nutritious way to start your day. But always choose raw nuts over fried salty ones.

3. Healthy skin and hair
Nuts are rich source of vitamins and protein which are needed for healthy growing of hair and beautiful skin. They help in maintaining younger looking skin. Biotin present in some nuts prevent hair fall and also aids in hair regrowth. Including soaked nuts in your diet is a great way to help your hair, skin and nails. Nuts are a good source of protein, vitamin E & B. Soaked nuts are good source of antioxidants.  It resists free radical damage and prevents ageing.

4. Improves cholesterol
Soaked nuts can improve some health conditions. It can help you control bad cholesterol and promote good cholesterol in turn results in better heart health. Soaked nuts can also help in controlling blood pressure.

5. Improves brain function
Vitamin E present in many of the nuts leads to better brain function. Vitamin E has shown to prevent cognitive decline and promote memory. It's really good for the brain so students and people fighting memory problems can definitely include Soaked nuts in their menu.

6. Can help to loss weight
Soaked nuts also help in weight loss. They contain monosaturated fats that curb appetite and make you feel full. Results in reducing body weight in a healthy way. Eating Soaked nuts boost metabolism, which is linked to better weight loss.

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