Arrowroot; The Traditional Superfood for Babies


By the time the baby is introduced to weaning, most parents will find it really confusing and difficult to decide on what to feed the baby next. With conflicting information coming from compeers, other family members and supporting health professionals, it becomes too complex a dilemma for them that they find their saviour in infant formula brands labelled ‘nutritious’ or ‘bestnext to mothers’ milk’. But the truth is that these superlatives used to describe them are just gimmicks to sell these products that contain nothing more than powdered milk, corn syrup or other added sweeteners and vegetable oil. It is no way good for the nutrition and growth of kids. Instead, try to know and trust what your mothers and grandmothersdescribe about ‘Arrowroot’ or ‘Koovappodi’, the ultimate baby Superfood which has its goodness passed on to various generations.

Why is it Good for Babies?


There cannot be a substitute to mother’s milk. So, when your little one needs to be weaned off breast milk, the replacement you choose should be as pure and nutritive. They can’t be given the same food as the adults, and one has to be really cautious to offer the babies a food combination that is enriched with nutrition, easily digestible, and picks up food from all the relevant food groups. Starting with the right kind of food choices is very important as it provides the energy required for the growth and development happening in those early years. Hence at this point, Arrowroot with its high nutrient content and digestive properties becomes the ideal choice for baby weaning. Scientifically known as Marantaarundinacea, this tropical tuber is mostly consumed in powdered form that is extracted from its root. It is good for babies because it’s allergen-free and has several health benefits that are detailed below;

  • Nutrient Filled: Arrowroot is a rich source micro and macro nutrients including folic acid, calcium, and fibre. Folate present in it is found very essential for cellular regeneration and DNA synthesis.
  • Easy to digest: The gastro intestinal system of children is very delicate and arrowroot being easily digesting food is very suitable for them.
  • Good for Digestive health: Arrowroot flour is rich in insoluble dietary fibre, such as starch. Insoluble fibre adds bulk to the diet and regulates the bowel while keeping constipation at bay. It could also help in the management of diarrhoea in infants
  • Promotes Gut health and immunity: Studies suggest that arrowroot flour is a source of prebiotics that could help enhance probiotics in the gut. An increase in probiotics has positive immunomodulatory effects.
  • Good for Teething: In general, arrowroot flour is used to prepare biscuits or cookies that could help your baby during teething. As these cookies or biscuits are very hard, they are a perfect replacement for plastic, wooden, or amber teethers. Besides, it is believed that arrowroot powder has anti-inflammatory properties that might help heal sore gums while teething.
  • It is enriched with vitamins that help in the production of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins in the baby’s body.
  • It has potassium that helps to keep the heart rate of the baby in control.
  • The magnesium, zinc, and iron and traces of many more minerals in the arrowroots facilitate the healthy development of the baby.
  • It is easily available and absolutely harmless for the babies.
  • Arrowroot powder can also help to alleviate any degree of urinary infection in your baby (especially during summer).
  • The arrowroot can be directly applied to mouth sores, rashes, blemishes, or paining gums as it helps in soothing them and relieves from any sort of burning effects.
  • The topical application of arrowroot powder on sores, cuts, rash, or painful gums has shown to provide symptomatic relief. Moreover, it is also used as a replacement for standard baby talcum powder or body powder.

 When & How to Give?

Arrowroot can be given to babies as soon as they start solids, which is around the age of six months. As it is soft and gluten free, it is one of the safest choices of food for baby’s sensitive stomach.There are several ways in which you can add arrowroot powder or flour to your infant’s diet.

  • For babies who have just started solids, arrowroot powder can be added into their weaning foods, such as rice water and barley water. It would not only intensify the nutritive value of these weaning foods but will thicken their consistency, as well.
  • You can add arrowroot to mashed or pureed vegetables and fruits.
  • For babies above six months, you can try feeding arrowroot porridge.
  • For babies with acid reflux or regurgitation concerns, adding arrowroot powder to breast milk or formula milk might help provide some relief.

 More than a Baby Food.

Arrowroot powder

Not just for babies, for grown-ups too, consuming arrowroot can be an elixir to good health. In ancient times, powdered Arrowroot was included in daily diet as a natural health supplement itself. It refreshes and nourishes the body so can be used as an excellent summer drink with a nostalgic flavour. It is also widely used in treatment ofdiarrhoea and vomiting as Oral Rehydration Solution to correct water and electrolyte imbalance.The cooling effect of arrowroot is considered very important in preventing uro-genital infections as well.It reduces the risk of urinary tract infections and prostatitis in male and pelvic inflammatory disease in female. Being a rich source of vitamins and minerals, women during their pregnancy period and bedridden patients can also include this low calorie, high electrolyte produce for their proven benefits. 

Reviving Traditional Produces

The wonderous nutritive qualities are best present in the indigenously grown Arrow Root as the natural surroundings and seasonal changes will keep its richness untainted. Since the effort is more and yield is lower, now a days very few people are ready to take up its commercial cultivation. So, at Law India we thrive to create a wide market for Arrowroot and make people aware about its immense health benefits so that they make better use of it. The production itself is a laborious process with various steps like cleaning, drying, powdering and sieving done under expert supervision. To enhance its quality or durability, we do not use any kind of additives or preservative. After all, bringing you the best from nature with all its natural goodness is our motive.

Powdered Arrowroot can be stored and used for long. It’s a thickening agent, so those who are on Glutton-free, Paleo Diets can experiment it in place of corn starch in bakes and soups as it is completely glutton and allergen free. To purchase a pack of best quality Arrowroot powder, Login to our exclusive online platform or visit our physical store in Trivandrum and share us a feedback after first use. It is also available in popular online shopping platforms like and




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