As Dry Fruits turn pricey due to uncertainties in Afghanistan, Know about some affordable alternatives



Dry fruits are a nutrient powerhouse as they contain, proteins, vitamins, dietary fibre, minerals and many more nutrients. And to reap that whole entourage of health benefits they can provide; we make it a point to include them in your daily diet. But due the geo-political issues kindled by the collapse of Afghan Government, dry fruit supply has been halted and this could be soon causing a hole in your pocket. This may take a while to get resolved, but that long you can’t compromise on your body’s nutrient requirements. So, we’re to help you with some affordable alternatives that can help you get the essential nutrient that you may miss on skipping dry fruits.


Consumption of dry fruits enhances energy and stamina; also as they are rich in fibre which means better digestion and overall health. Most of us prefer dried fruits over fresh fruit considering the cost, availability, and ease of storage and transport. So, the substitute you are looking for should be having all these qualities and Seeds easily fills the spot.



Seeds can be the Perfect Replacement

 Seeds are great sources of fiber. They also contain healthy monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats and many important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. So, when consumed as part of a healthy diet, seeds can definitely help to make up for the nutrient deficiency. Besides, Seeds contain all the important resources required to develop into complex plants and this make them extremely nutritious.

Chia Seeds: These tiny, flat, and ovular seed is a whole-grain food with a shiny and smooth texture and is packed with tons of health benefits.One ounce (28 grams) of chia seeds has 12 grams of carbs. However, 11 of those grams are fibre.High in Omega-3 Fatty Acids. They also contain high-quality protein, iron and antioxidants. Consuming Chia Seeds daily can help to Detox the system,aids Weight Loss, Lowers the Risk of Heart Diseases, Resists ageing of your skin, soothes inflammation, reduce acne scars and keep skin radiant and healthy.


How to Consume: Eat raw, soaked in juice, added to porridge, pudding, smoothies or added to baked goods or sprinkle them on top of cereal, yogurt, vegetables or rice dishes.

Sunflower Seeds: They are extracted directly from sunflower in its pure form and can be eaten as a guilt free snack. Sunflower seeds are an excellent source of protein, fibre and minerals. They are also high in vitamin E (which promotes good hair and skin health), dietary fibre, magnesium, selenium and iron content. And this rich nutrient composition makes Sunflower Seeds good for cardio vascular health, for Promoting Weight Loss and the Protein in them Keeps you active throughout the day       

How to Consume: They can be eaten as a guilt free snack anytime of the day or can be used to garnish your dishes.

Pumpkin Seeds: Edible seeds of Pumpkin are not just a tasty snack but packs in several powerful nutrients as well.They are laden with nutrients, calories, fats, proteins and fibre.And their antioxidant potential due to the presence of Vitamin E and carotenoids makes them good for heart’s health. Whereas fiber in pumpkin seeds are beneficial for the weight-watchers and Vitamin E enhances immune responses and protects against several infectious diseases.

How to Consume: It can also be added to or sprinkled on Smoothies, Yoghurt, Fruit, Salads, Soups, Cereals, Bread, Cakes, Energy bars, Stir-fries etc.

Flax Seeds: This shiny little seed, provides so many nutritious benefits for your body. Just 2 tablespoons of ground flax seeds are enough to provide about 20 to 25 percentage of your daily fibre needs. It gives 3.6 g of plant-based omega-3’s, protein and carbohydrates that helps in keeping skin, nails, and hair shiny and healthy, promotes weight loss, prevents constipation and Improves Heart Health.


How to Consume: Sprinkle powdered flax seeds over hot or cold breakfast cereal, mix them in yogurt, add into cookie, muffin, bread or other batters.

Muskmelon:Your tight schedule may not give enough give to pamper your beauty and having a handful of Muskmelons seeds everyday can be helpful. The seeds extracted from Muskmelon are rich in anti-oxidant, Vitamin A, C, and E. They are also an excellent source of plant-based protein. The presence of these nutrients and its fibre content Helps make Muskmelon Seeds ideal for Weight loss, better Heart Health and Improved Immunity. They also Cleanses the system by expelling intestinal worms and works as a beauty enhancer by boosting Hair Growth & strengthening nails

How to Consume: Add them to salads or as toppings in bread, rotis, nan, parathas, dry sabzis, crackers, sushi, cakes, soups etc.

Watermelon Seeds: For mindful snacking and there can’t be a better option than Watermelon Seeds. The tiny seeds of the red, squashy, juicy watermelons are highly nutritious. They are Low in calories but rich in Magnesium, Zinc, Iron & Good Fats that make them potent enough to give health and beauty benefits. Consuming them daily helps to prevent hair fall and damage, improves heart health and enhances immune functions.

How to Consume:Eat raw, sprouted or roasted







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