Clove: Overview, Health Benefits & Uses

CLOVE (Syzygium aromaticum)

Cloves or Lavang is known for its health benefits and is an integral part of Ayurveda. It contains high amount of antioxidants, which repairs oxidative damages and free radicals in the body. Eugenol in clove has the ability to help ease infections and fight disease-causing bacteria in the body.


Hindi :              Laung

Bengali :          Lawang

Gujarati :         Lavang

Kannada :        Lavanga

Malayalam :    Grambu

Marathi :         Luvang

Oriya :             Labang

Punjabi :          Laung

Sanskrit :         Lavanga

Tamil :             Kirambu, Lavangam

Telugu :           Lavangalu

Urdu :              Laung


Arabic:             Kabsh ,Qarunfil

Chinese :         Ding xiang

French :           Clou de girofle

Indonesian :     Cengkeh

German :         Nelke

Health Benefits of Clove

  1. Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti inflammatory
  2. Boosts Immune system
  3. Aids in digestion
  4. Helps in controlling blood sugar levels
  5. Treats nausea
  6. Increases blood circulation
  7. Kills intestinal parasites
  8. Has anti cancerous properties
  9. Improves liver health
  10. Fights bad breath and toothache
  11. Relieves stress

How to Select Clove

 Always buy cloves from a trusted and certified seller.

Ensure it is organic and free from pesticides and additives.

If you need grounded clove, the best thing is to buy cloves and powder at home.  Otherwise, buy from a trusted brand or seller to ensure quality.

Always ask for sourcing details from the manufacturer. Products grown and processed by small and marginal farmers are usually better in quality, more hygienic and free from harmful pesticides and additives.

Always buy spices sealed in flavour locked packages. They remain fresh for a longer time and retain flavour and aroma.

Storage Instructions 

  • Best way to store clove is in air tight glass jar or tin container to retain their flavour and aroma.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • If unused ground clove is kept in glass jar, please take out once in 4-5 months and keep it in morning or evening sun for 10 minutes. It will retain its freshness. Don’t keep it in hot sun for long time.
  • For bulk storage on a long-term basis, the clove should be kept in polythene bags inside wooden box. This will retain the green color of the pods. The storage room should be dark, dry, clean, cool, and free from pests.


Difference between LAW Clove  and ordinary Clove

LAW- Clove

Ordinary Clove 

We source organically grown clove from small and marginal organic farmers networks in Western Ghats region of Kerala

As the bigger manufacturers/brands opt for large scale procurement, collect spices from different sources. Now clove in the market is mainly imported cheap quality from other countries like Vietnam, Sri Lanka and so on.       

Partnered with the best organic farmers in Wayanad only who have a credible track record

In bulk procurement it would be difficult to source only organic produce

Only local and indigenous varieties sourced.

No genetically modified, no hybrid products sold

Most of the spices in the market now are hybrid varieties or mixed.

We are happy to share genuine source certification details of our farmers network

Normally companies dont share sourcing details

Our spices are free from pesticides, fertilizers and using only traditional farming techniques

Not  an easy task for a normal company, Only ethical and non-profitable cooperatives can claim this

Our spices are tested for the presence of heavy metals and it is free from all types of heavy metals


Percentage of  heavy metals like lead, zinc, nickel, copper, iron, mercury, cadmium and arsenic are very common in market available spices

We don’t sell oil extracted polished or artificial color added spices. It’s natural qualities are kept intact in raw form

Oil extracted and polished allspices is widely available in market that lacks natural strong aroma

We adopt steam sterilization of all our spices and then dry in solar dryer. We nowadays avoid sun drying as it may loose nutrients more

Spices are generally dried in sun only and don’t adopt any modern way of harvesting and drying techniques

Our farmers are technically supported by CFTRI, Mysore for harvesting, drying and preserving of spices without nutrition loss

Generally farmers are not getting any such education on drying process & preservation of spices

We don’t promote the use of preservatives or additives to enhance the shelf life

Chemical preservatives are mostly added to get better shelf life and rich black colour

Due to the rampant problem of adulteration in spices powders, we produce our spices powders in-house only


Market available spice powders are produced with third party manufacturing. Only labeling is don’t by big brands

We adopt only eco-friendly, non-plastic  packing like tin or glass to pack spices/powders

Spice powders are generally packed in plastic pouches, which is health hazardous






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