Coconut’s Thoughtful and Trendsetting Makeover

Coconut is one of the most versatile and natural produce that nature gifted us as every bit of this amazing fruit can be evolved in to various forms and functions. From using it for cooking purposes to making it an important ingredient for skincare, this all-purpose fruit’s utility has always been upgraded for all the goodness it has.

And now there is one more addition to this bandwagon as the shells of Coconuts are no more discarded but collected for crafting useful household items that include Coconut Shell Crockery, Cutlery, Table Ware, Serve Ware and beautiful Artefacts. At a time when all over the world, creating a sustainable, healthy and waste free environment has become a trend to follow, it is advisable to make all-natural and eco-friendly Coconut Shell crafts a part of your life for a greener living.

Best out of Waste

Around the world though the various parts of coconuts like its fibrous husk,white coloured meat inside the shell and coconut water are found useful in many ways, its shells are treated as a mere waste. While some people use coconut shells for making charcoal, most of them are just thrown away. They are often discarded by open burning, which greatly contributes to carbon dioxide, methane emissions and a whole lot of environmental issues. Reclaiming these shells helps lessen coconut waste and reduces the amount of trash being sent to landfills and incinerators.That is one good reason to collect as many of these thrown away Coconut shells and repurpose them by handcrafting into spoons, forks, cups, saucers, steamers and ice-cream bowls leaving zero waste behind. They can be sustainably sourced and ethically crafted into products that are aesthetically impressive and harmless to nature.

Solution to Plastic Pollution

Coconut wood spoon

Everything that we needed to survive and thrive is provided by the nature itself. In finding them and making to their best use lies the answer to the common concerns raised by the increasing dominance of plastic in our households and workplaces.Living plastic-free certainly sounds ideal world for eco-minded people, but it’s easier said than done. Plastic is sturdy. Plastic is cheap. Plastic is everywhere. But when you start to be conscious of every purchasing decision, living without plastic gradually becomes easy. Coconut Shell Cutlery and Table ware products are one brilliant alternative you can opt for this.  Unlike plastic that contains toxic chemical compounds, they are all-natural, free of BPA and bio degradable too. That means if no more useful or if found damaged, you may compost them and no waste will be left behind. Besides they are never exposed to chemicals that could cause harm to your health and wellbeing. Not just sustainably made, they will help you have a healthy lifestyle and will also continue contributing for a sustainable environment even after their primary usage expires. For these everlasting benefits it provides for our environment, it’s ideal to make a simple sustainable swap with Coconut shell Cutlery and Crafts and that adds up to make a real difference in the world that we live in.

Let’s choose Convention over Convenience

Whether it be that spoon you give to your toddler at home or Mugs in which you get coffee served at office or at your favourite eatery; you meet Plastic andSemi-plastic materials everywhere in your daily life. But imagine, how could have our ancestors lived years before without plastic? Understanding this aspect will perhaps give us insights on living with less plastics in future. They had no plastics, so they led a lifestyle that simply did not require plastics. And for today’s generation, their smartness of not wasting the naturally available resources is something we can replicate for a long, healthy and earth friendly living. They invested their time and patience to convert the easily available raw materials like coconut and converted them into handcrafted table ware and kitchenware that has survived the test of time. Lucky enough, today we need not take that much strenuous effort as many popular brands are bringing out supreme quality eco-friendly products that are redefining the way Table wares are meant to be. Only effort it takes is convincing yourself to place environment above your convenience. That will help us trace our way of living back to our ancestors.

A Shell of Health Benefits

In many parts of South India, these time-honoured handmade utensils weretraditionally popular owe to the goodness it does for their health as well. Coconut shell is naturally digestive, carminative and anti-flatulent. In addition, it contains an oil that enhances the absorption rate of the intestines. Drinking water boiled with coconut-shell is also said to be helpful in reducing cholesterol levels, diabetes and also in purifying impure blood. Hence stirring a dish with a Coconut-shell Ladle- Traditionally known as ‘Chiratta Thavi’- will not be just taking you back to the bygone era. It will help these nutrient properties get naturally infused into the preparations you are making. Likewise drinking water from coconut shell cup keeps you extra hydrated and energetic all throughout the day. As they are chemical free, coconut shell kitchen utensils can stand up to great deal of heat which makes it ideal to hold up to the rigors of daily use. Besides it keeps the dishes fresher by enhancing their aroma and taste serving.

More than an Insta-worthy Creation

Of course a picture of ice-cream scoop in a coconut shell bowl may whip up those memories of your tropical vacation. But there is a lot more to it than what meets your eyes. Coconut shell and its off cuts can be used to craft products as varied as bowls and steamers to Fork and Cups. Add some potpourri in to the bowls and your DIY fragrant Potpourri is ready to be placed anywhere in the house as decoration. And the real highlight is that, they can be used for serving hot and cold food materials alike. So, from piping hot soups to ice-creams, healthy smoothies to salads and coffee; everything tastes better when served in a coconut bowl. They are also extremely hard and durable than porcelain and glass that make it last longer than many products that you get from the market.The spoons, fork and cups made out of Coconut shell indeed bring a rustic look to the table. Especially its colour instantly gets connected with nature. Imagine your morning coffee served in this nature’s bowl.

Handcrafted to Perfection

Coconut wood spoon

Nature has crafted Coconuts really artistically and only some hands equally creative can give them a new shape and new purpose. Thanks to the amazing talents of artisans from Kerala, At Law India, we emerge successful in bringing up some incredibly beautiful, handcrafted Coconut Shell Craft & Creations. Discarded coconut shells are collected from the Organic Farmers across Kerala and then they went through an all-natural process of cutting and cleaning to add a touch of nature to your home. They are not polished, neither are they painted and do not make use of any chemicals. That means they are completely safe for holding food. Another advantage is that handcrafting processes uses significantly less energy than the process of mass-manufacturing that leads to the exploitation of raw resources and alarming levels of pollution. With the varied range of Coconut- shell crockery and table ware that we offer, we strive to seek the balance between sustainability and functionality in every step. We want to make it easier for people by offering good quality products that are durable and better for the environment. They all can help to recreate and enjoy a tropical paradise in the comfort of your home, while you live an eco-friendlier lifestyle.

Join us in our endeavour to provide the kind of products that you need to live in harmony with the nature. Make your pick from our eco-friendly Coconut-shell Utensils and extend your support to not just the artisans who make them but to our Mother Nature also.  Law India products are available in its exclusive online shopping platform and at popular online shopping sites or as well. Or if you happen to visit Trivandrum in Kerala, come to the exclusive LAW India showroom to update your collection of Eco-friendly Creations and crafts. Check out our products to know more about the options you can have for leading an eco-friendly lifestyle as well as help save the environment in your own way. You have life only if Nature is alive!

Coconut shell bowl

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