Difference between Organic & Conventional Green Cardamom


Organic Cardamom

Conventional Cardamom

Regionally grown indigenous variety

Mostly Hybrid or GM crop

Pale Green in Colour


Heavily added Colouring agents give it a rich green colour

Varying in Size

Uniform size and shape

Looks dull. Insect bites and white spots make it look even more unappealing

Fresh looking. Pods look patch free and without any insect bite

Intense aroma and delicious taste that last for longer

Mild aroma and minimal taste. Hence additional flavours may be added

Can be used upto 2-3 years if stored properly

Extended Shelf life due to chemical overload

High oil content

Pods might be stripped of their oil content

Rarely available

Covering more than 95% of Indian market

Cultivated conventionally with organic & natural fertilizers like Cow dung, vermi compost etc.

All kind of harmful chemical fertilizers used once in every 30 days to maximize the yield

Only organic pesticides & insecticides like chilli spray, tobacco solution etc.used

All kinds of pesticides and insecticides used in every 10-15 days

Not any Heavy metals and carcinogenic substances included


Heavy metals that cause severe health problems are commonly found in it

Zero percentage of preservatives

Preservatives, additives added to expand shelf life

No anti-clumping agents used

Harmful chemicals are extensively used to prevent caking

No harmful sterilization process involved

Harmful fumigation and irradiation done during sterilization makes it unhealthy



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