Fermented Rice: The Overnight Super Food


Worried about the Carbohydrate Content of Rice, Most of the Calorie Conscious eaters are quite apprehensive about eating Rice even though it has been a staple food for Indians since ancient times. In their efforts to lose weight or reach their health goals, people skip rice entirely and it has become a Fad among youngsters particularly. But, apart from just carbohydrates, rice also contains ample proteins and vitamins, so completely avoiding the calorie intake from rice may strip the body of the essential nutrients required for its normal functioning.

So instead of running away from rice, you need to find out a right way for giving your body the abundant nutritious qualities hidden in Rice, and Fermenting Rice Overnight can be an apt choice here. In this piece, we will tell you the nutrient benefits of Having Fermented Rice and will also share its authentic recipe.


How Yesterday’s Leftover Rice Turns into a Nutritious Breakfast?

Called Pazhankanji, Vellachoru, Tangalanna, Shelen Sheeth or Pazhaya Saadam in Southern Parts of the Country and Paaniwala Chawal in the Northern Side, Fermented Rice is simply leftover rice fermented overnight under room temperature to enhance their nutrient availability. In the olden days our ancestors before they left to field for work used to have Fermented Rice or Yesterday’s Rice Gruel as Breakfast Food.This tradition of consuming the previous day's cooked rice soaked in plain water overnight, in the morning next day, as breakfast, gave them the energy, nutrition and the cooling effect that they needed for a full day of manual labour. The gruel would be consumed with nutritious side dishes such as buttermilk or chilly chutney and this gives health benefits as detailed below;

  • It's packed with more nutrients than regular rice. When the Rice Gruel ferments, the bacteria generated in it produces lactic acid, which breaks down the anti-nutritional factors in rice and this improves the bioavailability of micro nutrients and minerals. For instance, after 12 hours of fermentation,3.4 mg iron in 100 gm of rice gets changed to a whopping 73.91 mg.
  • One Serving of Fermented Rice Gruel provides you 340 calories, which is equivalent to three Idlis. It also provides for the Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium and Selenium requirements of your body.
  • The presence of lactic acid bacteria or lactobacillus makes it probiotic-rich food and helps in digestion, improvement of gut health, and also immunity.
  • Fermented rice is a good source of lactic acid which helps secrete more milk and thus can be a natural cure for increasing breastmilk production in lactating mothers.
  • The fermented water helps in cooling down the body removing the excess heat and consuming this rice as breakfast keeps the body light and also energetic.
  • As rice is fiber rich, it helps in relieving constipation and induces regular bowel movements.
  • It could be the richest source of vitamin B12 for vegans which helps prevent fatigue.

How to make it?

Take the leftover rice in an earthen clay pot and add water up to immersing level.  Close it and keep aside overnight in room temperature. Next day, if you feel water is excess then drain a little and then add salt and mash it well with clean hands. You may eat it with yoghurt, sliced shallot onions, chillies, pickles or any dish of your choice.


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