Honey Can Help You Make Garlic your Darling

garlic honey

Your friends, colleague or even some random write-up you recently read might have vouched for all the incredible health benefits of eating raw garlic on empty stomach. But just like many others, if you have intolerance to that intense smell of Raw garlic, it can indeed be a Mission Impossible. Nonetheless, literally with a little bit of honey coating you can easily get over this problem.

For this, all you need is some pure raw Honey which when infused into Raw Garlic make an all-natural power duo that will help you stay healthy and immune strong. When immersed in natural honey, the intensity of the garlic’s flavour mellows and that makes it more tolerable to eat raw garlic in desired quantities. Besides, honey is also loaded with some amazing health benefits and together, these two can keep your immune system operating at its best.

Health Benefits of Having Honey Infused Garlic

People often fail to understand that Garlic is added to food preparations not just to enhance the flavour part. It also adds some nutritional and medicinal elements to the meal which in turn will make the food you eat your medicine as well. It has great anti-inflammatory, antibacterial antiviral properties which benefits you the most when eaten raw. Honey is also considered a Nature’s boon to lead a healthy living.

It is antibacterial and antimicrobial antioxidant loaded with vitamins and minerals and almost acts as a multivitamin itself. Being fat-free and cholesterol-free, honey also helps in curbing hunger pangs by being a source of energy, helping you sail through the tough days with ease. So, garlic and honey with thousands of years of history as medicinal remedies make a very potent combination when had together

  • Honey in the Mixture Boosts the immune system, reduce allergies, soothe cold &coughs, soothe sore throats, fight infections
  • Raw Garlic helps to decrease blood pressure, improve cardiovascular health, lower total cholesterol, aids weight loss and to detoxify your body

How to Prepare & How to Use?

Garlic honey

Take freshly peeled whole cloves or crushed garlic cloves (honey will infuse the garlic more quickly) in an airtight Glass Jar and pour raw natural honey over it to cover it fully. Secure the lid and let it sit for at least one week at room temperature. When ready, start having one clove a day. In case it gives you heartburn, you may have it after breakfast or dinner as well.



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