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When it comes to Chillies, how can someone even by mistake forget Bird’s Eye Chilli Pepper?! Popularly known as ‘Kanthari Mulaku’, this one unlike the other regular verity of Chillies is tiny in size. But proving that size doesn’t matter at all, ‘Kanthiri Mulaku’ is having a fan following globally that gets bigger with the passing of time. Earlier it was for its pungent aroma, distinctive flavour and intense heat that the world noticed Kanthari. It is ranked among the top ten hottest chillies in the world. And in many traditional recipes Kanthari was and still is a quintessential ingredient that apart from igniting the senses was then not known to have any other USP’s. But the game changed when the scientific studies done on the biological composition of Kanthari came to light. It has become an over-night sensation that no longer is present in the culinary world alone but in the pharmaceutical laboratories also. Kanthari does have unfathomable medicinal properties that the world looks at hopefully in its endeavour to shun the toxic chemical compounds and embrace everything natural even in Healthcare. 

Gifted by Mother Nature


What an interesting name “Bird’s eye Chilli” is! It’s not that this tiny chilli looks like a bird’s eye. Infact it looks like a small, tapering capsules that come in a variety of colours like Milky white, Dark green, pale green or deep purple that get red on ripening. These spicy chillies are something that Birds love to pick up when ripen and indirectly they become the dispersal agent for new plants. Where they drop the seeds, the bushes start germinating and that very much explains its name “Bird’s Eye Chilli’. Planned Kanthari cultivation is being reported in the North Eastern parts of our country, particularly in Meghalaya and Assam and in few patches of South India viz, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and costal Karnataka. Among certain Tribes of Wayanad district in Kerala, even the

leaves of this plant are consumed as a vegetable. Because these indigenous communities who live close to nature know from their experience that there is no clear distinction between food and medicine. Even though they didn’t know Kanthari and its numerous health benefits scientifically, they trusted their ancestral wisdom who taught them not to waste even a tiny chilli pod that the nature gifts you.

Trust our Traditions


Rewinding the ages gone by, you may notice that there wasn’t any home without plants like Thulasi, Kanthari, Ginger, Turmeric and so on. Seems like our grandparents had some robust knowledge about physiology too because they were informed about how these plants were to be given as first aid medicines and solution to common disease conditions. On the days in which they had to work hard in the fields, they used to have a big bowl of Pazham Kanji- a traditional fermented rice gruel breakfast with some Kanthari squished in it. Overnight fermentation of grain turned it Pro-biotic rich while the heat of Kanthari boosted the metabolism. It was the energy drink that no celebrity endorsed. And the toil of a day they ended with a plate full of Tapioca and spicy Kanthari chutney without any worries about sugar levels shooting up. Because though tapioca was high in starchy carbs, the essential elements in Kanthari kept the sugar spike controlled. Tracing back to the tradition, the scientific world has now managed to decipher these habitswww that had some valid reasons behind. Thanks to tradition and thanks to science, now we know Kanthari contributes much more than just a spice for our wellbeing.

Ayurveda recommends Kanthari


The traditional Indian Natural systems of Medicine ‘Ayurveda’ considers that Kanthari has some phenomenal medicinal values for which it is used as a key ingredient in various Ayurvedic Medicinal preparations. Some recent studies have also proved that bird’s eye chilli naturally has antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial properties that treats and prevents infection. Besides, Kanthari is a primary source of antioxidants and Vitamin C. These are also having high levels of Capsaicin content, so it can be used as insect repellents when crushed with water. The enzyme isolated from chillies is used in the treatment of certain cancers. Below mentioned are some of its Medicinal properties which makes Kanthari a Home Remedy to several health conditions that you can relate to.

  • Kanthari for Weight-Loss: Consuming Kanthari increases one’s body temperature. In order to get back to the original body temperature, more calories would be burned, thereby speeding up the metabolism rate. Increased metabolism leads to the usage of unused stored fats in the body. Altogether fast metabolism, proper digestion and waste expulsion helps in shedding some extra pounds.
  • For Better Gut Health & Digestion: Bird’s eye chili helps in improving digestion by increasing the production of enzymes and can speed up the movement of food in intestinal tracts. It also increases appetite by stimulating the gut.
  • Kanthari for treatment of Tooth Ache: It can help with the treatment of toothache. It has also been traditionally used in treating gum problems.
  • Heals Bruises, Swellings and Wounds: It is also reported that it prevents blood clots and halts bleeding quickly
  • Kanthari works as a Pain Reliever and that’s why the enzymes derived from it is used in pain relieving balms and vapoRubs.
  • Bird’s eye chili was traditionally used as a remedy against arthritis and rheumatism
  • For Better Immunity: Knocks out Cold and flu related difficulties
  • Controls Blood Sugar Level
  • Burns Cholesterol & Reduces Blood Pressure
  • For improved Heart Health

Give your Diet a Kanthari Twist


You may be amazed by the curative powers of Kanthari but still you may have doubts about how to consume it because of it’s really hot on tastebuds. The traditional and most simple way is to make salted ‘Butter Milk Drink’ with crushed Kanthari in it. Better known as ‘Sambharam’ or ‘MorumVellam’ this one is the best summer time drink which also aids in burning cholesterol. Beaten Yogurt, Kanthari chillies, water, curry leaves, ginger and salt are all that you take to make a glass of healthy and tasty sambharam. So, coming summer, let’s say adieu to the toxic refrigerated soft drinks and make ourself Sambharam to cool the stomach. It’s ideal to store them in earthen pots that matches with any refrigerator’s cooling system yet takes zero energy. Flavor and spice content stays locked even in dried form.

Kanthari chilli powder

If a small pod of Kanthari has this much wonders hidden it, imagine what all Nature has in store for us. It gives us a reminder that instead of gulping those liver damaging medicines, it’s time to switch to our basics and go back to our traditional healthy living. Bringing such hidden treasures from nature without tainting its purity and quality is Law India’s committed objective. Hence, we wholeheartedly encourage our farmer community to take up organic cultivation of Kanthari which is comparatively lower in yield. And the effort they put in amidst all their hardships is what that helps us in bringing to you the finest graded, pesticide free Kanthari.

Dried Kanthari stores the aroma for longer time and our farmer community in the tribal area of Wayanad cultivates it the organic way. It’s free of chemicals, colours or any kind of cadditives and that you get to realise once you taste it. Hygienically packed Dried Kanthari with the hallmark of Law India is available at our physical store in Trivandrum or you may log in to our exclusive online Shopping platform to get yours delivered at doorsteop. Law India Products are also available in popular online shopping platforms like or

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