Jack fruit: The Homegrown Super food that you lately recognized

A good old Jackfruit Tree with small, big and enormously big jackfruits hanging from it is a common sight in all most all households of South India. Like those myriad other things that we inherited from our ancestors, the knowledge about the fruity smelling Jackfruits and their many usages were handed down to us through generations. Each of those gigantic trees at the corner of your home’s backyard have seengenerations pass by. They have also witnessed how the concepts and theories about healthy living had slowly evolved. This gradual progression is better encapsulated in the evolution of Jackfruit from being a humble home-grown fruit to a celebrated Super-food, popular across the globe. Largest of all tree-borne fruits, Jackfruit has now become one of the biggest food trends among vegetarians and a meat-substitute darling of vegans and vegetarians owe to the numerous health benefits it has. And for all those good reasons, this versatile fruit is entitled to have the hay-day it is having today.


How come it be a Super Food

Beforehand, it is ideal to know about what all that makes a fruit, a vegetable, seeds or all things edible be called a ‘Super Food’. Super foods are locally available plants and produce that are rich in micronutrients so as to encourage diversity in your diet. Adding to that, its every part finds multiple usages that can lead to a sustainable lifestyle, help the local economy, and make sound ecological sense. Jackfruit quite easily ticks all the boxes that the health watchers are looking for. It is a commonly available, indigenously grown topical fruit popular across India by names like ‘Chakkapazham’ and ‘Kathal’. With a distinctive sweet flavour and smell when ripe; both ripe and unripe jackfruit can be used in a variety of dishes. It is the flesh or fruit pods of jackfruit which is most widely consumed. With one big Jackfruit, our Grand Mothers used to prepare a number of dishes that seemingly used every-thing from its seeds to flesh and fruit pods. Whether they were informed about the nutritional composition of Jackfruit or not; they created recipes that made use of each and every part of it. This has now evoked studies and research that lead to the unravelling of the Hidden Nutrient Treasure in Jackfruit, the newfound ‘Super Hero’.

Remedial for Various Health Conditions

Nutritionally, jackfruits are rich in carbohydrates, vitamins A and C, riboflavin, carotenoids, flavanones, magnesium and potassium. And the real highlight is its high fibre and carbohydrate content, which aids digestion and even supports bowel regularity, especially for those suffering with chronic constipation. The fibre in the flesh is felt in just one bite and creates a satiating feeling in the stomach for a longer time. They are also packed with anti-inflammatory properties and studies show that consuming jackfruits helps in lowering LDL cholesterol and increasing HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) in the blood. Hence it is good for better heart health and for those who suffer with chronic cholesterol issues. Since this tropical fruit contains antioxidants, it is advisable to be used for maintaining healthy skin and bones. And studies are progressing to find out the efficacy of phytonutrients like flavonoids in Jackfruits in countering the presence of free radicals in the body. Not just the fruit, but jackfruit seeds also have a host of health benefits as well and are usually consumed in their cooked form. Good amount of Iron and Zinc are found in the seeds, making them a natural cure for people with low haemoglobin levels or anaemia. While the zinc present in the seeds helps with a better immune function. They are a rich source of vitamin A also that helps to enhance vision along with keeping away several eye diseases.

Busting Myths for Diabetic Patients

Diabetes especially Type-2, lasts a life time and requires modifications in your lifestyle. If you do not want to fall prey to the many complications this disease can bring forth, you must watch out what you eat. In this regard, a free advice that Diabetic patients get from every acquaintance is to avoid fruits because they contain sugar that makes their blood glucose go up. In fact, when compared to other carbohydrate filled foods like white or wholemeal bread, most fruits have low to medium glycaemic index (GI) which measures how fast and how much a food can raise the blood glucose levels. Among these fruits, Jackfruit has the lowest GI and emerging studies suggest that including jackfruit in your diet can actually help to regulate their blood sugar level. This is because the high fibre content in jackfruit which slows digestion and prevents spike in blood sugar levels. Quality Protein and Anti-oxidant content in jackfruit is also found helpful in promoting a balanced level of blood sugar in the body. So, it’s time to look beyond the imports and nibble on the goodness of your local produce without having any second thought.

Join the Jackfruit Revolution

A ripe jackfruit is a part of every foodie’s fondest childhood memories. And to keep that taste preserved for a longer period, mothers used to fry the slices of the fruit in pure coconut oil and keep them in air-tight containers as a healthy savoury tea-time snack. Not just the fruit; but seeds to fruit pods of Jackfruit can be stirred in to delicious sweet or savouries with a little bit of your culinary creativity. Traditionally, the fruit meat of unripe jackfruit has been used for making every day Sabjiz, curries and salads. Like that the seeds can be also be dried, roasted or used in a sabzi. Now even at international level, Jack fruit has become a popular alternative to meat touted by celebrity chefs and Nutritionists ase it blends well with all seasoning and absorbs spices well. Jackfruit flour is also a healthy alternative to wheat and rice flour to make anything from burger patties to local classics such as idli. Like this, experimentation with Jackfruit has found takers elsewhere and so the next time when you visit your favourite pizzeria, don’t get surprised if you happen to find Pizzas with Jackfruit toppings on the Menu. That much influential a journey it had from the Backyard of your home to be transformed in to the Super food of the millennium.


Once Forgotten now Reinvented

India is one of the largest producers of Jackfruit in the world and Kerala, a state in the Southern part of the country offers the widest verities of Jackfruit- with Varikachakka, Koozhachakka, Chembarathichakka and Thenvarikka being the popular ones. These uncultivated, wild, pesticide free jackfruits are even better than their organic counterparts. Thanks to the sustainable food movement, the world has recognized the potential of Jackfruit. That looks promising and for our farmers to benefit from it, we at Law-India have been promoting Jackfruit as a Healthy Vegetable cum Fruit.

Earlier it took hours to cut, clean and slice a jackfruit for making your favourite jackfruit preparation. With the long line-up of our home-made ready-to-eat Jackfruit treats like Mom’s Jackfruit Chips, we make it possible to get them over the counter any time you wish to. Taste, Tradition and quality are never compromised at Law India. Along with our brick-and-mortar store, Law India products are also available in our exclusive online shopping platform weaveskart.com. As all have praises for the mighty Jackfruit that has equally enormous Health benefits, ensure to get the most authentic Jackfruit products available only at Law India. Just visit the popular online shopping sites www.amazon.in or www.flipkart.com and go search for the original Law India Products.

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