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Special kerala banana chips

‘LAW of Taste’ is redefining the way snacks are being made and brought to you. We let you enjoy a line-up of healthy snacks made with organically grown indigenous crops sourced from all over India. These products you enjoy are given their form, shape and taste by a talented team of Home Chefs whom we have handpicked for the standards of hygiene and excellence with which they cook. All of our homemade goodies are prepared using quality ensured, hand-picked ingredients that we consider as the ‘real taste maker’. On placing orders, we usually ship the products you choose within 8-12 hours of preparation. Moreover, we always opt environment- friendly, sustainable materials for packing our products as it matches our ideology of serving you without harming the nature.

What Makes us Special!

Goodness Inside the Pack

Goodness Outside the Pack

Prepared in small batches

Products made by skillful Home Chefs

Authentic homemade recipes

A Platform for empowering stay-at-home entrepreneurs and to provide livelihood to rural communities

Fresh & Organic Ingredients

Attracting more people towards the ‘Healthy Snacking’ Movement

Hygienically prepared & packed

Products that help you revisit your Culinary Nostalgia

No artificial ingredients, sweeteners or preservatives

Driven by our zero- wastage policy, helpful to contribute for a sustainable environment and famine-free world


Let us hear you more Often…!
About the homemade snacks that we prepare and bring out for you to purchase, we usually get a lot of questions that we that we are really happy to answer here for your common knowledge. Here we go….

Q: Is it really homemade?
A: Of course it is. We have a panel of home chefs with exceptional Culinary Skills and highest standards of Cleanliness. Once you place an order, they will be prepared by these Home makers using authentic recipes passed on to them through many generations. Our snacks are made in small batches following hygiene mandates and are usually shipped to your doorstep within 8-12 hours of their preparation.

Q: How do you ensure the safety and hygiene of the products that you deliver?
A: We are always a step ahead when it comes to hygiene and safety. Our workers are carefully monitored for the standards of cleanliness they keep while preparing and packing the items for delivery. And our production unit is not less than a sacred place for us that we use stringent measures to keep it neat, tidy and disinfected all the time.

Q: As snacking itself is widely doomed ‘Bad for Health’, how can your snacks be healthy?
A: It’s this misconception about snacking, that we want to clear with our distinctive product line-up. All snacks are not healthy, nor they all are unhealthy too. We prepare snacks and sweets with carefully chosen 100% vegan ingredients that are grown organically by our farmer community. We also ensure of using limited amount of oil and that there is no second use of used oil. Also ‘white Sugar’ or any kind of preservatives and additives are strictly avoided. To make it even more healthy, some of our products like Moringa Peanut Candy, Flax Seed Peanut Candy, Brahmi Peanut Candy and Chia seed Peanut Candy help you to satiate your cravings and yet will keep your diet balanced with their high nutrition content. We let you be free from the guilt of snacking!

Q: Where your snacks making facility is located?
A: It is located in the Trivandrum district of Kerala where we have our all women workforce at the helm of our production unit.

Q: Are they totally vegetarian?
A: The snacks we sell are 100% vegetarian. We neither sell non-vegetarian snacks nor do we use any non-vegetarian ingredient in any stages of cooking.

Q: Does it contain Egg?
A: Not at all. Our snacks are eggless and purely vegetarian. We sell only 100% vegan products so using eggs in our products would be against what our company stands for.

Q: Is it vegan and free of gluten?
A: Of course our snacks are vegan friendly and to a great extent contains lower levels of Gluten.

Q: What all varieties of snacks will I get to buy from LAW of Taste?
A: Our range of Sweets & Snacks comprise traditional Munchies and Healthy Snacking Options as mentioned below                                                

Traditional Munchies

  • Ari Murukku
  • Ribbon Pakoda
  • Kuzhalappam (Tube shaped Rice Flour Cannoli)
  • Achappam (Rose Cookies)
  • Madhura Seva
  • Masala Plantain Chips
  • Tapioca Chips –Stick
  • Peppery Plantain Chips
  • Bombay Mixture
  • Chekkallu (Spicy Roasted Crackers)
  • Hot Gavvalu/ Spicy Hot Shells
  • Goru Meetilu
  • Chettinad Seedai
  • Seeval
  • Crispy Corn Mixture
  • Healthy Ragi Mixture
  • Roasted Chilly Peanut
  • Roasted Peppery Peanut
  • Roasted Salted Peanut
  • Masala Peanut
  • Pakoda
  • Beetroot Pakoda
  • Jilebi Murukku
  • Special Kerala Murukku
  • Sarkara Varatti (Jaggery Banana Chips)
  • Ripe Banana Chips (Long)
  • Aval Vilayichathu / Sweetened Beaten Rice (Sweet Poha)
  • Neyyappam (Ghee Pancake)
  • Unniyappam (Small Pancake)
  • Munthiri Kothu (Roasted Green Gram Balls)
  • Malabari Pottiyappam or Aram Number (Savoury)
  • Taro Chips
  • Sweet Potato chips
  • Creamy Snow Balls
  • Butter Murukku
  • Omapodi (Plain Sev)
  • Potato Finger Chips
  • Spicy Potato chips
  • Dried Tapioca Chips
  • Ring Murukku/ Andhra Murukku
  • Karaseva /BesanSev
  • Non-Spicy Mixture

Healthy & Vegan Snacks

  • Rose Petal Peanut Candy
  • Peanut Candy
  • Flax seed Peanut Candy
  • Brahmi Peanut Candy
  • Chia seed Peanut Candy
  • Moringa Peanut Candy
  • Sunflower seed peanut Candy
  • Quinoa Seed Peanut Candy
  • Peanut Chikki Balls
  • Peanut Chikki
  • Ellunda (Sesame Balls)
  • Ariyunda
  • Avalos Unda
  • Avalos Podi

Q: Do you sell only South Indian snacks?
A: No. Even though we began with selling homemade South Indian Snacks, we have now expanded to a level that our product lineup includes choicest nibbles from all across the country. Under our snacks & sweets brand, “LAW of Taste”, almost all of South Indian delicacies we have now included.

Q: What type of oils do you use for preparing snacks?
A: Only 100% pure wood pressed coconut oil do we use to create our delicious snacks. Whether it be banana chips, tapioca chips or any of our crisps, we usually try to prepare them all in coconut oil only. And in some recipes, for retaining the original flavour that is familiar to the taste buds, we opt to use good quality vegetable oil.

Q: What is the shelf life of your snacks?
A: It varies with each product. Since we don’t use any preservatives or additives to increase their shelf life, the snacks you get from looms & weaves have relatively shorter shelf life. Another reason for this relatively shorter shelf life is that we prepare them in pure coconut oil.

In general, our products’ shelf-life ranges for 4 days to 2 months. While our Unniyappam (small, round fritters), Neyyapam (a rice fritter similar to Unniyappam), Ariyunda (a kind of laddu made from rice flour and coconut gratings) will expire in 4 days, chips and other snacks with lesser moisture content would last for 30-45 days. Similarly snacks like masala mixture shall be consumed within 2 months while those like Avalose Podi lasts for a longer time of 4 months.

Q: Do you use any preservatives or additives in the snacks from LAW of Taste?
A: No. Our snacks are made at home kitchens and we never use any preservatives, additives or any sort of artificial coloring or flavoring. It’s just like the one you get at your home!

Q: Other than Amazon/Flipkart, where else to buy the products from LAW of Taste?
A: You can directly purchase them from our outlets located at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala or you may also make your purchase through our website,

Q: Is it more costly when compared to other brands?
A: For the making of our products, we only use organic ingredients that we source directly from rural farmers. Lower yields and poor supply chain of organic crops further increases the production cost so they are priced accordingly high. Also, we use only high-quality vegan ingredients and pure coconut oil that we NEVER reuse. Besides we pack them in eco-friendly pouches and containers and this all cumulatively reflects in the pricing of our products. 

Q: Once the order gets placed, then how long will it take for the delivery?A: 4- 7 days. Usually we ship snacks within 8- 12 hours of their preparation. We aim to make your online shopping a hassle-free experience. So, our shipping methods and policies are designed to make your order reach you quickly and efficiently. Your order will be handled with utmost care by our delivery professional.

Q: Does your packaging have nutritional facts and relevant information associated with that given product?
A: Certainly Yes. You can see the effort we take in giving you a handful of information about our snacks, their story, nutritional potential and the details on the ingredients used for making as well.

Q: Do you use white sugar in your products?
A: Knowing all the ill effects of white sugar on health, we try to substitute it in most of our recipes with ‘something natural’ like jaggery, palm jaggery and more recently with coconut sugar. However, in some recipes, for white sugar is a critical element in holding the shape, texture and taste of the product, we can’t simply replace it completely. In the package of such products, the usage of sugar will be clearly mentioned.

Q: So, are your snacks healthy for me?
A: Since our snacks do not contain white sugar, people with diabetes can also have it. The alternative sugars like palm jaggery, coconut sugar that we use in our snacks has very low glycemic index. But make sure to read the labels before you use and always use in moderation. If still in doubt, then consult with your doctor or nutritionist.

Q: I am on a weight loss plan. So, are you sure that your snacks won’t affect it at all?
A: Definitely Yes. Since our snacks and sweets contain lesser quantities of oil and white sugar, it can’t go wrong with your weight loss plans. In fact it is a healthier alternative to the unhealthy, oily snacks that may keep you away from reaching your ideal weight.  But we also suggest to use it moderation. Try to pair it with proper exercise and a balanced diet.

Q: Can it be given to children as a tea time snack?
A: Besides being trans-fat free, our snacks have zero percentage of artificial ingredients and preservatives and hence can be used as a perfect substitute to processed snacks. It’s just like the preparations you make at home, so our various products can be served as a healthy snack for your children. Serve them our peanut chikkis, sesame balls (ellunda), ariyunda, Avalose podi or Avalose unda. They would make an ideal 4 pm snack as most of these are high in protein, iron and dietary fiber content.

Q: How can I gift it to a friend?
A: There can’t be any better gift than serving good food! And we help you deliver it simple. Provide the address of the person whom you want to surprise with a pack of our wholesome homemade goodies and we would get it delivered to them. Besides, on your demand, we can also pack them in gorgeous gift wraps along with a customized message to make it even more heart touching.

Q: Can you customize snacks?
A: For sure. Since you are more concerned about your wellbeing, we provide you with the choice to customize the snacks you pick. Just make sure to inform us before placing the order. For this, email us at weaveskart@gmail.comor Whatsapp us (9446065205).

Q: Can I cancel my order?
A: Once the order is placed and shipped, sorry that we cannot allow any cancellations. Because we prepare only after receiving an order and cannot really waste a grain for each of each of it matters for somebody elsewhere.

Q: Can someone from outside India place an order with you?
A: That’s a big Yes. With DHL- our partner in parcel delivery service being a global presence, we fruitfully undertake and deliver orders placed from across the world.

Q: Do you sell dry fruits under this Brand?
A: Yes, we do. You will get 100% organically grown, high quality dry fruits, varieties of superfoods and millet pearls under the brand as part of our safe food program.

Q: What is your policy about refund?
A: If you are not happy with your order for any reason, please send us an email at Let us know why you are unhappy. After verifying the issue with your delivery, we’ll give you a refund if it meets with the below mentioned criteria which includes,

  • In case if the delivery of the products is delayed inordinately
  • The item you have paid for has gone out of stock or the required quantity is not available
  • In the event you receive a damaged/defective product or a product that does not comply with the specifications as per Your original order
  • If the products’ shelf life expires because of its late or delayed delivery
  • If the item you received happens to have any product quality issue
  • You are also eligible for refund, in an unlikely event of wrong item delivered to you


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