Know more about True Ceylon /Sri Lankan Cinnamon


Ceylon /Sri Lankan Cinnamon


Cassia /Chinese Cinnamon


Originated in Sri Lanka

Originated in China, Vietnam & Indonesia

Four times costlier than Cassia. It is enriched with many health benefits 



No known health benefits but can be harmful to health.



Its bark is thin, multi-layered and in nice texture to roll around          

Single thick layered


Light brown or tan brown colour

Dark reddish colour

Safe for regular use due to the presence of blood thinning substance called Coumarin’s content is less(0.0004%)


Not recommended as the high content of Coumarin (5%) might cause defects to proper functioning of liver and kidneys.



Possess soft and brittle form, easy to break into pieces


In hard form, difficult to  break into small pieces


Have delicate sweet flavor. Good for edible use


Pungent and strong aroma. Not good for edible purpose


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