Brass is Basking in Glory!



Years might have gone by but the hearty taste of dishes prepared by our Grandmas is still there lingering on the taste buds. The magic of those preparations was partly in their hands and the other part was safe in the thick bottomed pans and pots in which they were cooked. Now as all over India, everything from fashion to decor and food is going the healthy and sustainable way, it is being realised that traditional way of cooking and living is the most ideal one for a sustainable world. As a result, from Brass Pots and Cast-Iron Tawas, to Coconut Shell Spoon, Copper Cookware and Tin cookware; all these old-fashion cook wares are now making a grand come back to the Indian kitchen. And the most talked-about one among them all is Brass wares and brass artefacts that are now on its way back to its earlier glory. 

Inherited from Ancestral wisdom

From ancient times, Brass wares and bronze urlis from Kerala, have always found a place in kitchens, to store water, slow cook curries, kheer, payasam, aromatic pulao, and biryanis. The tin lining prevents any adverse reactions with acidic ingredients, and helps to give an intensely flavourful and long-term immunity. Even thalis, katoris and glasses made of brass were found in homes as everyday serve ware. They were known for their healing, therapeutic and even medicinal properties. During that time Brass wares from Mannar in Kerala was considered the best in quality and craftsmanship. Of course, for its numerous forges where the most incredible crafts in brass took shape, Mannar is hailed the ‘Bell Metal Town’ of Kerala. It used to be a southern village in Alappuzha district of Kerala, where business in bronze and brass products ran brisk. There were traders from across the states and overseas, visiting the village looking out for the brass and bronze crafts. The craftsmen here are still casting a unique alloy of bronze, considered to be the most Shudh dhatu (purest metal), between clay moulds, producing beautiful bronze urlis by hand. These bronze urlis were a beautiful, luxurious acquisition even a 100 years ago, as they continue to be today.

Science behind Traditional Cooking

It’s even more intriguing to notice that way before today’s multi-national healthcare companies started introducing various water treatment technologies, our ancestors knew the nutritional benefits of storing water in a brass pot or jar. During their time, cooking was merely an art of sufficing hunger and certainly not a celebrated science like it is today. Still, they realised the dietary benefits of slow cooking when done in a brass utensil and that’s the wonder element about our ancient wisdom. They used Brass- a metal that adds to a healthy life style - for making items as varied as every day kitchen wares to the largest lamp, bells and beautiful artefacts widely in demand all across the world. Use of brass utensils for cooking and storing groceries, not only has a spiritual and mythological importance but is also very important to maintain one’s health.

Brass has an Impact on your health


Good quality brass utensils are 100% safe for health and the natural oils released while cooking in brass utensils adds the full-bodied flavour to the food. Besides, as it comprises copper and zinc, Water stored in a brass vessel increases strength and immunity. In addition, it also helps pacify pitta (burning sensations, aggression), increases haemoglobin count, and improves the general condition of your skin. It will not change the qualities of the material that is placed in the container too. And this all strongly contributes to the re-discovery of traditional brass cookware in modern Indian Kitchen. Time has come to shun those harmful plastics, toxic Teflon, and hark back to the goodness of our Grand Mother’s Kitchen.

Innovation meets Tradition at Indian Kitchens


Whilst there are a number of brands that are going old-school with their various offerings, Law India stands out for the sincere effort they put in for bringing back lustre to the glorious yet forgotten elements of traditional way of living. It’s all about re-introducing the roots and stories of ancestral wisdom to the younger generation in a way adapted to their modern sensibilities. Working with rural artisans, Law India offers authentic products and also generates awareness on the advantages of making ancient craft forms part of their home. Right from the authentic clay ware to durable and crafted table wares, handmade brass & bronze wares and artefacts to cast iron cook tawas & kadais,a line-up of curated, hand-crafted, functional and ornamental cook wares arrays under the labelthat will help to bring grandma’s kitchen back to urban homes.

Along with their brick-and-mortar store, LAW India products are also available in its exclusive online shopping platform There you can pick from a wide range of Handmade Brass artefacts and kitchenware that are procured directly from the master craftsmen of Mannar. It includes cooking kadai, uruli, pots, handmade paniyaram pan, different types of moulds and decorative lamps, all looking straight out of the old-world kitchen. These multi-functional traditional utensils will not only add extra taste to your dishes but also brighten up your interiors, if used for decorative purposes. So next time when you desperately need to add that bling of brass to your home’s interior, to go retro while refurbishing the interiors or just to upgrade your kitchen with some sustainable materials, it’s highly recommended to have a look at Or go search for original LAW India Products at popular online shopping sites, or

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