Pumpkin seeds - The seeds of a golden fruit

Pumpkin seeds in a bowl

Pumpkin is a very versatile ingredient in India, that brings fond memories of our grandmothers snacking joyously on the seed, cooking curries and eating them with such relish. Little did we know then that this oval seed is nutrient rich, high in antioxidants and would turn out to be a seed with an ever growing demand. In the western culture, pumpkin seeds are a superfood seed that one can’t live without and can be used in anything and everything. The crunchiness of the seeds blends beautifully with the flavours and spices from your cabinet to create a satisfying snack. From being used as a seasoning agent, sprinkled in salads, to elegant garnishing in cakes. In addition, these seeds can be added to muffins or sprinkled onto cakes and breads for an aesthetic look and to add more texture while also loading up on the antioxidant rich food for your body.

The pandemic has pushed people to munch more and binge eat. Pumpkin seeds are the perfect snack to nibble without worrying about weight gain. The seeds contain a nutritional content of Protein: 33.9g, Dietary Fiber: 5.4g , Vitamin K 70.9 mcg, Magnesium: 738mg and healthy fats that keep us lively all day to power us through strenuous online classes and a rough work schedule. Pumpkin seeds have truly reflected on how superfood seeds can be a part of our daily diet for a healthy, organic life.

A Shield Against UV Rays

UV rays from the sun are harmful to health and can be the worst exposure for your skin. Skin cancer, sunburn, erythema, damage to the eyes and alteration to the immune system are just a few effects that result from UV rays. In addition to sunscreen that works as a protective measure, consuming food that both protects and safeguards your skin and eyes is highly essential. Pumpkins are a good source of squalene which is a natural organic compound. Squalene is extremely important in shielding your skin against harmful UV rays that pose a threat to your skin and health. Pumpkin seeds could be the best skincare to invest in that guarantees long term protection against UV rays.

Blood Sugar Control

Our blood sugar levels fluctuate easily but it's vital to control your blood glucose levels to prevent diabetes.  For diabetic patients the need to regulate blood sugar levels is extremely important and the commitment to achieve this starts by putting health at first. Pumpkin seeds are filled with good fat and magnesium that works in amazing ways to control blood sugar and reduces risk of diabetes over time.

Rise & Shine

Pumpkin seeds in a bowl


They say good sleep is the best medicine, it's all you need to feel rejuvenated and refreshed the next day. Doctors prescribe it as the foundation of good health and one that assists in growth and development. Pumpkin seeds have been listed as one of the best ingredients to achieve a complete sleep cycle. The presence of magnesium, zinc and tryptophan work in resolving sleep deficiency and help you to wake up , feeling ready to take on the day positively.


How much to consume & How to choose the right one

Although pumpkin seeds are safe to eat and have no side effects, It is recommended to have ½ cup of pumpkin seeds daily for a healthy diet and in order to balance the quantity with other nutrients as well. When choosing pumpkin seeds, check for maximal freshness and make sure the seeds are not rancid or musty. Choosing from organic brands certify quality and avoid contaminants also.


Ways to Consume

Roast: Place the seeds in the oven and drizzle your favorite flavours. Barbeque, honey, masala or just a pinch of salt are great options to snack on.

Cookie: Top up your cookie game by adding pumpkin seeds to the classic oatmeal raisin cookie and let the crunchiness take over you.

Bread: Turn your boring bread into something exciting by adding pumpkin seeds.

Soup: Carrot and pumpkin with pumpkin seeds work as an exotic flavor that is nutrient dense and lip smacking at the same time.


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