Red Rice - A Nutrient rich & healthy variety of Rice

Rice is something which can be inevitable from the diet menu of Asians. But what makes people drags from enjoying this delicious meal often, is the fear of carbs and other health issues associated with it. White rice or polished rice is the widely used variety in India. But its low fiber content may cause some digestive issues and constipation. White rice has a higher glycemic index, which means its carbs convert more quickly into blood sugar. Higher intakes of white rice may result in a higher risk of type 2 diabetes.

Brown Rice

So let's know about a healthy variety of Rice, Red Rice. Since it's raw and unpolished it retains all the nutrients and goodness. The abundance of essential minerals like Iron, Manganese, Zinc, and Potassium, makes red rice nutritionally superior.Red rice is ultimately healthier and more nutritious than other varieties.

Red rice is being cultivated at different parts of India. In Kerala Red Rice is cultivated in Palakkad and occupies a major role in the dining table.
What makes Red Rice unique and different from white rice is it's exceptional health benefits and taste. It has more fibre content than any other Rice variety. When it comes to the nutritional value it occupies the first place. The red outer coat of Red Rice  retains all the higher content of nutrients.

Red rice is rich with antioxidants, magnesium, calcium etc. Thus it will help to boost up one's immunity power. It also contains selenium, which helps fight against several infections.

Red Rice contains a lot of fiber. So it eases the bowel movement and helps in faster digestion of food. This can also help people suffering from constipation.

It's because of its high magnesium and calcium content it protects from developing insulin resistance and enhances optimum glucose uptake. This special characteristic of Red Rice makes anyone stay healthy and free from disease. It has a lower glycemic index, means it doesn't readily turn into sugar after consumption.

Heart health
The presence of whole grains in Red Rice can reduce the bad cholesterol level in our body and prevent heart diseases.

Weight loss
Red Rice contains antioxidant called anthocyanin. It's this antioxidant which helps to reduce weight.  Manganese present in Red Rice strengthens metabolism.

Vitamin A and B
The red outer coat of Red Rice contains Vitamins and minerals. Red Rice is enriched with Vitamin A and B which are important for keeping our body healthy.

Blood Pressure
Its high fiber content and low glycemic index can help with lowering Blood pressure. Over consumption of food can be a reason for hypertension. Red Rice helps to stay fit by giving a sense of early fullness. This helps to control hypertension to a certain extent.

Considering all the health benefits of Red Rice, one can easily include it in their diet. It tastes earthy and delicious along with both vegetables and meat. 

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