The Curious Case of Curry Leaves

In popular South Indian dishes like Sambar, Rasam, Poriyal, Chutney and cooked Butter Milk to comfort foods like Sabjiz and Dal from North Indian Cuisine, that one thing common with Pan-Indian popularity is of course the Curry Leaf. Popularly known as ‘Kadi Patha’, this magical herb definitely imparts a hearty aroma to the dishes in which it is added to. But some recent scientific researches following the findings in Ayurveda about Curry Leaves have shed some light into the medicinal composition of this beautifully shaped strip of green leaves. And the information they have given, implies that Curry leaves are there not just to give that burst of flavours but to impart some nutritious properties too. With awareness increasing about ‘finding cure from nature itself’, Curry leaves have become the wonder herb for the umpteen health benefits they have.

A Herb Hailed Traditionally

Curry leaves are the foliage of the curry tree (Murraya koenigii) which is native to India. Tender leaves look pale green which when grown bigger, looks beautiful in its emerald green shade. These leaves are commonly added to dishes to bring about a robust, rich flavor and popularly used in meat dishes, curries, and other traditional Indian recipes. Every household in India used to have atleast one curry tree in their kitchen garden. They were looked after by the ladies in the family whose happiness grew with the tree getting bigger. A curry for them was not complete without a Sautee of curry leaves and so they always made sure of not running out of them. They cooked with lots of love and loads of Curry leaves sprinkled on it. As a result, their hair grew stronger, eye-sight was always sharp and age never dared to touch them. That’s just a few wonders that Curry leaves can do to your body.

Dense Nutritional Properties

Curry leaves

These tiny green leaves are packed with powerful antioxidants and essential nutrients. 100 grams of Curry leaves can provide you around 108 calories of energy. They are rich in carbohydrates, proteins, fibre, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals. They also contain vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E etc. The Antioxidants in Curry Leaves play an essential role in keeping your body healthy and free from diseases. They scavenge potentially harmful compounds known as free radicals and suppress oxidative stress, a condition that’s associated with chronic disease development Owe to this powerful plant compounds present in it, this versatile culinary herb finds usage in medical and pharmaceutical industry also.

Impressive Health Benefits

Once considered silly, now Curry leaves are being revered for the world has recognized its medicinal properties and how it can be useful for a healthy living. We need to thank scientists who worked hard to uncover it and of course those great Ayurvedic practitioners who first inspired them with their assumptions about Curry Leaves’ medicinal value. Some of the key benefits and uses of curry leaves they found out you may read below.

 Reduces heart disease risk factors: Risk factors like high cholesterol and triglyceride levels may increase your risk of developing heart disease. Adding curry leaves to your diet may help reduce

  • Excellent for Hair Growth: Curry leaves when boiled with coconut oil makes an excellent hair tonic which prevents greying and stimulates hair growth. They strengthen our hair and prevent hair loss. They are also helpful in preventing dandruff and dry scalp.
  • Good in Treatment of Anaemia: Curry leaves are rich in iron and folic acid which is important in improving iron levels in the body. This immensely helps patients suffering from Anaemia.
  • Good for Our Eyes:Curry leaves are rich in vitamin A and therefore beneficial for our eyes.  They help in maintaining good eyesight and prevent the development of cataract.
  • Beneficial for blood sugar control: Researchers suggest that curry leaf extract may help to reduce high blood sugar levels and protect against symptoms related to diabetes, including nerve pain and kidney damage.
  • Good for Skin: Curry leaves are helpful in soothing mild burns, bruises and eruptions on the skin.  They also protect our skin from infections. Therefore, Curry leaves are also a constituent of some soaps.
  • Good for Oral Health:Curry leaves create an environment in our mouth which prevents the development of bacteria. They thus help in maintaining oral health and preventing oral diseases.
  • Hepato protective Effects:Curry leaves are powerful antioxidants and protect our liver from damage caused due to oxidative stress.  They also protect our liver from infections and reduce inflammation.Curry leaves are found to be effective in the treatment of liver cirrhosis
  • A great cure for morning sickness: Especially during pregnancy it helps in reducing the feeling of nausea. These wonder leaves help in increasing digestive secretions and relieve morning sickness.
  • May have neuroprotective properties: Some research has shown that curry leaves may help protect the health of your nervous system, including your brain. Hence protect against neuro degenerative diseases. However, more research is needed.
  • May have pain-relieving properties.Research has shown that oral administration of curry extract significantly reduces induced pain.
  • Has anti-inflammatory effects.Curry leaves contain a wide array of anti-inflammatory compounds, and animal research has shown that curry leaf extract can help reduce inflammation-related genes and proteins.
  • Offers antibacterial properties

Easy to include in diet

Curry leaves

Curry leaf is a versatile herb that can be used in a variety of dishes. It softens when cooked and is often sautéed in oil or butter before adding.Here are given a few ways to include curry leaves in your diet:

  • Sautéed curry leaves in ghee can be added to any dish of your liking.
  • Prepare Soups and broths with curry leaves sauteed in it.
  • Combine fresh or dried curry leaves with other spices, such as red chili, turmeric, and cumin seeds, to make a flavourful seasoning blend.
  • Cook curry leaves in hot oil and then use the infused oil as a dip or topping for crusty bread.
  • Add curry leaves to chutneys, buttermilk and sauces.
  • Add curry leaves as topping in homemade bakes
  • Use in salad dressing


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