The World is Choosing Convention over Convenience

Cast iron

Our distinct culinary legacy is very much defined by our Traditional Cookware. But, over the years, the advent of modern equipment and the West’s introduction to modular kitchens has skewed our perception of space and functionality. Nonetheless, be it for their health benefits, their eco-friendly appeal or the fact that they’re also easy on the pocket – traditional cookware and utensil, including Brassware, Bronzeware, Copperware, Cast Iron Cookware etc., are making a comeback into the modern kitchens across the city. And with that more and more people ditching steel cookware and plastic containers owe to health benefits as well. Here, let’s have a look at the Veteran Cookware coming back.

Brassware; a piece of Beauty


The most talked-about one among the Antique Cookware is Brass wares and brass artefacts that owe to its sheen beauty has somehow managed to stand the test of time.Brass is a metal that can contribute much to lead a healthy life style. It is used for making items as varied as every day kitchen wares to the largest lamp, bells and beautiful artefacts widely in demand all across the world. Use of brass utensils for cooking and storing groceries, not only has a spiritual and mythological importance but is also very important to maintain one’s health. Brass utensils are 100% safe for health and the natural oils released while cooking in brass utensils adds the full-bodied flavour to the food. Besides, as it comprises copper and zinc, Water stored in a brass vessel increases strength and immunity. In addition, it also helps to increases haemoglobin count, and improves the general condition of your skin. And all these strongly contributes to the re-discovery of traditional brass cookware in modern Indian Kitchen.

Bronzeware will never Fade its Shine

Bronze ware

Thick bottomed bronze utensils from Kerala, have always found a place in kitchens, to store water, slow cook curries, kheer, payasam, aromatic pulao, and biryanis.During our grandparent’s times, there wasn’t even a single home without Bronze Kitchenware.Ancients who practiced Ayurveda also preach that eating and drinking from alkalinizing metals like bronze vessels have natural curing properties.It well promotes holistic healing by improving gut health, immunity, relieving stress and boosting up your energy levels.Good bronze utensils are well known for their durability.The water stored in Bronze Pots will not become stale. Furthermore, it helps in preventing water-borne diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, jaundice, etc. as well. It is also good conductor of heat and retains heat well for a long time, thereby maintaining the warmth in food as well its rich contents for a longer period of time.

Copperware is always a Class Apart


We realise that our Ancestors were true Geniuses for they used metals like Copper for Cooking as an indirect way of inducing its benefits in to food and in turn to body. As per Ayurveda, Copper is related to sun and fire, therefore it helps to increase Agni in the body and thus it indirectly increases body’s metabolic rate. It detoxifies the body, helps increase haemoglobin, improves the secretion of bile and the peristaltic movements of the gut to aid digestion as well.You can also store water overnight in a copper utensil, and drink your first glass from this to enjoy the benefits of this wonderful metal. Science has now proved that copper-rich foods boost collagen. Therefore, this metal offers advantages for the skin too. If you are a Kapha type (prone to weight gain, coughs and congestion), then this is the best for you.

Soap Stoneware; The Heirloom Kitchen Utensil

There’s a reason our traditional Vessels were given importance by our ancestors. Cooking in them helped to retain the flavour and quality for a long time, besides they are not detrimental to health. And the Magnesium rich Soapstone, or steatite, is a perfect example for this. It is a naturally occurring, dense yet soft stone that is composed largely of the mineral talc and is very rich in magnesium. Though it is hard and dense like a rock, it has a softness to its surface that allows it to be scratched by just your finger nail. Soapstone has earned itself a place in our kitchens due to not only its beauty as cookware but also for its remarkable heat retention.

Cast Iron is Making a Strong Come Back

Cast iron

If you want chemical-free cook ware with some health boosting properties, then bring back Cast-Iron Cookware to your Kitchen. It’s all natural and doesn’t need any coating to retain its seasoning, making your cooking clean and healthy. Cast Iron is an amalgamation of iron and carbon which makes it more sturdy and heavy weight. And adding to its versatility Cast Iron Cookware are now being presented in many utilitarian verities that includeDosa Tawa, Roti Pan, Kadhai, Paniyaarakkal, Skillet, Woks…and much more. It gets evenly heated, holds heat more efficiently and is also quite easy to season them and its coating won’t wear off after washing. As Cast- Iron releases iron into the food prepared in it, Cast-Iron Cookwarecan actually help people with Anaemia in improving their Haemoglobin Levels.

Coconut Shell Cutlery;

Coconut Craft

Creating the Best Out of Waste 

Coconut Shell Spatulas hanging on the Wall of Kitchens is an Olden yet Golden Memory for most of us. It was an inevitable part of Traditional Indian Homes that always reminded us that all that we needed to survive and thrive is provided by the nature itself. The time-honoured handmade Coconut Shell Cutlery collection include Spoons, Ice-cream Bowls, Soup Bowls, Steamer and Spatulas that are artistically hand crafted to perfection. It’s an all-natural and eco-friendly product that helps you create a sustainable, healthy and waste free environment.Coconut Shell Cutlery and Tableware can be one brilliant alternative to plastic as well as they are all-natural, free of BPA and bio degradable.

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