Thorth is Just Artistically Reinvented


The farmers toiling under the scorching sun needed it, our grandmothers used to squash grated coconut inside it and the softness of Parathas stayed just the same for hours in this porous fabric. That is ourversatile Traditional Indian Handloom Towel, which the fast-changing fashion and lifestyle trends had tried hard to side line by stamping it as a mere ‘Bath Towel. It’s a simple fabric that no corporates showed up to advertise about. Becausefor them,promoting the less expensive synthetic fabrics as kitchen cloth, table cloth and cleaning cloth was more profitable to their businesses. So, they just augmented their sub-standard products that flooded the market and made us believe that they only were the bests until the time when the merits of Handloom Towels got rediscovered by the world. Proving that Tradition can never really go out of our lives, Handloom Towel has made a strong come back to weave its own story.

Many Names Many Uses


In the northern part of the country, these handy towels are known as ‘Gamcha’, which is a checked piece of cloth. In Tamil Nadu, it is ‘Thundu’, woven in vibrant hues and for the people of Kerala, it is ‘Thorth Mundu’- which finds place in their baggage, no matter wherever on the planet they may go. In all these places, they are loved solely for their diverse nature. This super light, open weave fabric can be used as Chapathi Towel for storing freshly made Chapathis, for sieving tea and to keep over pickle jars for fastening the process of fermentation as they are not chemically died and are free from any kind of toxic materials. They absorb moisture better than any other fabric so in regions like Kerala which get heavy rainfall throughout the year, Thorth is considered most ideal as a bath towel, for cleaning tables and floors. And if you Google ‘Thorth’, you will be surprised to see the pictures of Malayali women wearing it over their blouse, Men wearing it like head turbans or just as a stole on shoulders which they passionately wave to the rhythm of boat song and Percussionat regional Festivals. That much inevitable this fabric of life has been in their lives.

Making of Thorth - The Fabric of Life

The word Thorth itself is derived from the same Malayalam word, which literally means ‘something that removes moisture’. Handloom Thorth is totally green and carbon free.Conventionally, they are made as 100% cotton, pure white towels with died corners that have a unique double strand flat weave that makes them incredibly durable, quick drying and compact for travel.

Usually, it weighs just around 100 gms, making it probably one of the lightest of all bath towels with immense absorptive capacity. This unique property gives it a key role to in the forthcoming days of water scarcity. Its light weight and softness are qualities that make it extremely helpful in your hair care routine as well.

The Evolution of Thorth

If you wonder how Thorth won the battle with the imported Turkey Towels, then it’s only because of the evolution it underwent to update itself.And owe to the unwavering belief we had in the merits of this meticulous fabric, we at Looms & Weaves stood by this movement by reviving the age-old weaving techniques and by creating an International market it always deserved.Another motive was to show the way of exit to the Power Loom towels which in the disguise of being cheap was giving animal fat dyed and low water absorbing products, which we wanted the world to realise and replace them with more sustainable and everlasting handwoven towels like Thorth. Thanks to the warm customer support we received right from its launch, like we intended today we are able to give a designer life to Thorth. It is no longer a traditionally woven airy towel woven in small 30inch looms. With a little bit of imagination and by redrafting its design possibilities, we have successfully managed to catapult this pure cottony fabric to be a chic accessory which any culture in the world can love as their own.

ThorthuWe present the conventional ‘Chutti Thorth’ distinguished with arrow head in different colours weaved on it without much of a change. Whereas the Basic white ‘ErezhanThorthu’ with borders in different colours are now made available in interesting range of pastels also.Compared to the former, the latter is more porous and both have their plus point of not mixing upeasily with others. And the fashionistas who are eager to see Thorth’smakeover is welcome to see the sea of changes we have incorporated in its size, colour, purpose, design and pattern. To match up with the size of Turkish Towel, we have enlarged its size accordingly. But considering its varied purposes, we have also resized it to make it handier. So, in our exclusive collection of Handloom Thorths, you get to select from our wide range of small handy towelsideal for wrapping bread items and cleaning purposes to large sized, super-absorbent Bath Towelsas well.

Going Back to Roots in the Stylish Route


For its best quality of drying faster like no other fabric, we have always promoted Handloom Thorthas a travel friendly bath towel. Unlike the Turkish Towels which weigh pounds on getting wet, Handloom Thorth is Super Light and easy to travel with. But no matter what all plus points it has, the younger populace won’t easily feel encouraged to use it unless the fabric looks standout and appealing. So, to catch up with the changing trends, we added a quirky twist to the plain looking Handloom Thorth, which by now has become a huge hit. After a great deal of designing experiments, we made traditional Handloom Thortheven more beautiful withintricate embroidery works, applique works, geometric prints, mural prints, tribal prints and floral prints. So, our towels with cute prints of deer, stars and butterflies you can give to kids, while Grown-ups can use the chequered and naturally died Towels. They come in rare patterns and thematic designs so that you may even flaunt the stole as a style statement. We also present unbleached and undyed Handloom Thorth, just as it is woven with all its natural goodness preserved in it.

Benefits of Handloom Towels in a Nutshell

  • Best absorbs water like no other fabric.
  • Extreme Durability
  • Coloured with eco-friendly dyes
  • Zero animal fat used in the dyeing procedures
  • Easy to dry
  • Super Light in Weight
  • Best for travel purpose
  • Cheaper than Turkish towels
  • Lighter than heavy weight Turkish towels and remains ideal irrespective of climate and seasonal changes.
  • Best option to replace the hard to manage Turkish Towels given at Hotels & Resorts

Reinvention of the Handloom Thorth was only made possible because we had the expert hands of Antique weavers to entrust it with confidence. With Power Looms mushrooming all over South India, theageing Handlooms were left operational only in some rural weaving communities of Kerala. Reconnecting with them paved way for some innovative ideas and one of which was the re-design and launch of Handloom Thorth blending sustainability and fashion. Though our single aim while collaborating with these ancient weaves was to restore and preserve itsheritage and aesthetics, today we are happy to support their livelihood too. To experience the charm of those skilled hands, visit, our exclusive online shopping platform. Or go search for original Law India Products at popular online shopping sites or Our Brick-and-Mortar store is also there located in Trivandrum, the Capital city of Kerala.

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