Virgin Coconut Oil; As pure as Mother’s love

 Are you still using the so-called “Baby Oils” for giving a body massage to your baby without realizing the presence of artificial chemicals and toxins in them? Because as you know, your baby’s Skin is very Soft and sensitive. So, using the chemical laden mineral oils and petroleum derived oils presented in disguise as Baby Oil could do more harm than help to it. However Natural Oils are also available, but all oils are not made equal. That means they are not equally good as well. And we will help you choose the best for your baby and that is undoubtedly the Gentle and Pure Virgin Coconut Oil. Not just for soothing the baby skin, Virgin Coconut Oil is also good for treating Nappy Rash to Cradle Cap.

Virgin Coconut Oil for Natural Nourishment

Just like Virgin Olive Oil, Virgin coconut oil is less processed and comes from fresh coconuts and this might it stronger health properties than other kinds of coconut oil. It has more germ-fighting and inflammation-soothing powers. While refined coconut oil is made from dried coconut meat, handmade virgin coconut oil is derived from the fresh coconut milk and it is the best nourishing oil for baby’s skin. It is beneficial for people looking to avoid additives in the skincare products that they choose for their babies. 

 The Most Versatile Oil 

  • Regular Oil massage is a great way to relax your baby, enhance the nervous system and improve the blood circulation. And the molecular structure of Virgin coconut oil allows it to be easily absorbed by the skin, which makes it a natural moisturizer for baby’s delicate skin.
  • Virgin Coconut Oil is also a home remedy for Cradle cap or dry scalp which is seen in some newborns during the initial weeks after their birth. It is characterized by flaky and reddened scalp. So, massaging some Virgin Coconut oil on baby’s scalp, especially on the area affected by cradle cap can be helpful for naturally healing the condition.
  • Eczema is a condition commonly seen in babies, in which their skin becomes dry, owing to which there could be itching too. So, massaging your baby before bath with Virgin Coconut Oil could be effective in treating the symptoms of Eczema as it provides adequate moisture and hydration to the skin.
  • Applying a layer of coconut oil on the areas covered by diaper each day after bath and then at every diaper change is also a great remedy for diaper rash, the most observed inflammatory skin problem in infants and toddlers. Massage it in the groin area, and especially in the skin folds where the rash is seen. The emollient properties of coconut oil will help treat the diaper rash, and the antibacterial properties will prevent it in future.
  • Babies have sensitive skin that may get dried frequently. Also, babies may constantly try to lick the lips to ease the pain of drying, which can make the lips get even drier. Applying Virgin Coconut oil might help reduce this.
  • The inflammatory and emollient properties of coconut oil might also provide some relief from soreness caused due to insect bite on baby skin.
  • Baby’s sensitive skin is prone to Acne breakouts that can cause red marks on skin looking swollen or itchy. As coconut oil has anti-inflammatory and skin repairing properties, it can be helpful for covering this.
  • Topical application of virgin coconut oil could also help in speeding up wound healing owe to its antimicrobial properties and the presence of some other bioactive compounds that may help in healing.
  • The antifungal and antibacterial properties of coconut oil can prevent skin infections like yeast infections as it could weaken the bad bacteria.
  • During the early weeks after birth, constant friction with the pillow or the surface on the bed or moisture loss could make infant’s hair frizzy and dry. The high amount of lauric acid in Virgin Coconut Oil is believed to condition hair, which makes them soft and smooth. It can penetrate the hair shaft and provide it the needed nourishment.



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