What is Black Cardamom. Its benefits and uses

Black cardamom (Amomum subulatum Roxb)

Black cardamom is a popular warm spice used mainly in savoury  dishes. Good quality black cardamom is around one inch in length, has dark brown pods inside a dry, hard and wrinkly covering. Traditionally, it is dried on an open fire and has a slightly smoky and earthy flavour.  In modern times, sun driers are being used to intensify the flavour of black cardamom. It has several health benefits that surpass its use as an aromatic in cooking.


Hindi :                   Bara Elaichi

Bengali :               Bara Elaichi

Malayalam :          Perelam Punjabi : Bara Elaichi

Sanskrit :              Brihadaela

Tamil :                   Periya yalam

Telugu :                Peddayelaki

Urdu :                   Bara Elaichi


English :                Black Cardamom,Nepal Cardamom

French :                Cardamome noir

German :             Nepal Cardamom

Chinese :             Xiang Doukou

Nepalese :          Elaa

Health Benefits of Black Cardamom

  1. Improves blood circulation
  2. Treats respiratory problems
  3. Good for digestion
  4. Good for oral hygiene
  5. Treats cold and flu
  6. Good for kidney health
  7. Reduces stress and depression
  8. Fights urinal disorders
  9. Cures asthma
  10. Aid in weight loss
  11. Has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties

 Add Long Black Cardamom in your daily diet

  1. It is used in Indian garam masala and herbal teas
  2. It is a main ingredient in pan masala
  3. Black cardamom can be used in soups, curries and marinades for a smoky flavor
  4. It is used in rice puddings, cakes, ginger fig chutney and payasam
  5. makes a good blending spice, you can use it with other spices to make dry rubs and seasonings
  6. No special rice preparation is complete without black cardamom. It is used to flavour pulaos, briyanis and other rice delicacies

How to select Black cardamom

It is always advisable to buy whole  rather than lose pods or powder as it loses flavour and potency once the skin is removed. Choose dry and plump seeds which are at least one inch in length. When required remove pods and powder them without the skin either in a coffee grinder or hand pound them using a mortar and pestle set.

Always buy from well known and trusted brand to ensure genuine product. The market is filled with inferior quality and duplicate products

Ensure it is organic and free from pesticides and additives

Always ask sourcing details from the seller.  Spices sourced from small and marginal farmers are genuine and better in quality. They are grown with no  pesticides and processed hygienically.

Always buy spices/food in sealed packs from genuine and trustworthy sellers. Also check for the date of packaging as well as expiry.

How to Store Black Cardamom

Storage Instructions

  • Store black cardamom in an air tight glass jar or tin container to retain its flavor and aroma for a long time
  • Store in a cool, dry place. It can be stored upto 3 years
  • Expose unused black cardamoms to indirect sun for sometime every 4-5 month. The musty smell will evaporate and the cardamom will become fresh again.  Don’t keep it in hot sun for a long time.
  • For bulk storage on a long-term basis, store black cardamom in polythene bags inside a wooden box. The storage room should be dark, dry, clean, cool, and free from pests.

Difference between LAW Black Cardamom and other Black cardamom

LAW- Black Cardamom

Ordinary Black Cardamom


Source organically grown black cardamom from Sikkim and Darjeeing district of West Bengal

Market available black cardamom is not organically grown. Mostly imported          

Partnered with the best organic farmers only who have a credible track record

In bulk procurement it would be difficult to source only organic produce

We source only local and indigenous varieties of black cardamom. No genetically modified or hybrid used

Nowadays hybrid imported varieties are wildly available  in Indian market

We adopt sourcing of black cardamom  in small batches so that our buyers get freshly harvested spices

In normal conditions, it’s not possible to adopt small scale procurement for larger companies as the cultivation area is in north east, Nepal and Darjeeling only

We are happy to share the genuine source authenticity details of our spices and farmers

 Sourcing details cannot be disclosed as procured from different centress

Our spices are free from pesticides, fertilizers and using only traditional farming techniques

Pesticide content is high in market available black cardamom

Our spices are tested for the presence of heavy metals and it is free from all types of heavy metals


Percentage of  heavy metals like lead, zinc, nickel, copper, iron, mercury, cadmium and arsenic are very common

We don’t sell oil extracted, polished or artificial color added black cardamom.

Oil extracted and polished widely available in the market that lacks natural strong aroma

We adopt steam sterilization of all our spices and then dry in solar dryer

Spices are generally dried in sun only, that looses its nutrition content

Our farmers are technically supported by CFTRI, Mysore for harvesting, drying and preserving of spices without nutrition loss

Generally farmers are not getting any such education on drying process & preservation of spices

We don’t promote the use of preservatives or additives to enhance the shelf life

Chemical preservatives are mostly added to get better shelf life and rich black colour

Due to the rampant problem of adulteration in spices powders, we produce our spices powders in-house only.


Market available spice powders are produced with third party manufacturing. Only labeling is don’t by big brands

Eco-friendly, non-plastic packing like tin or glass to sell spices/powders are used for packing

Spice powders are generally packed in plastic pouches, which is health hazardous

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