Why Hand-Made Iron Knives are Ideal for Health?



While we put all our efforts to be nutritionally aware about the food we eat, we unknowingly overlook certain tips that can actually be helpful in retaining the nutrient value of food while cooking. For example, when it comes to Chopping, Slicing and Dicing of Veggies, we conveniently forget the benefits of our traditional forged Iron knives and just go for any blades whether it be steel, carbon steel or other alloys that may easily break-off within a few months’ usage. So, through this piece of wiring, let’s us sharpen your knowledge about Knives, especially Iron knives that are forged by the artisanal Blacksmith Communities across India who craft the best and everlasting blades in the Country.


It's Making and how they Make Cooking Easy & Healthy

Traditional Iron Knives are crafted through a really laborious process of forging, that includes the heating of blade material, cooling it and hitting it hard with a ­­­­hammer to give the desired shape and sharpness. It will be sharper than any other material and the wooden handle adds great grip for safe handling as well. Blade hardness is an important factor; harder Iron blades remain the same for years with occasional sharpening and are less prone to damages. From slicing, carving, dicing, mincing, chopping to other household or gardening purposes, these differently shaped Iron Knives are suited best and will also provide a host of benefits.

  • Sharp means Speed: Most wholesome meals involve some sort of trimming, chopping, dicing, and slicing and if you are attempting this with dull or cheap knives, it can be really challenging. But with good Quality Traditional Iron knives, you will see how much more quickly you are able to complete the preparation for any recipe.
  • Lesser Wastage: A sharp and strong Iron knife causes less damage to the food when it’s being prepared, helping you serve more beautiful slices or dices on the plate.
  • Safe to Handle: You may have apprehensions about using a super sharp Knife, but in contrast to your doubts, you are actually less likely to cut yourself with a sharpened Iron knife than with a dull one.
  • Strongest Blade Material: Traditional Iron Knives come in all shapes, curvy and pointed. They tend to be the strongest as they are heated at extremely high temperatures and hammered into various shapes.
  • Ever Lasting & Durable: As they are typically heavy, thick, super sturdy traditional Iron knives are sure to last for a life time. With occasional rubbing or sharpening done on a marble or any abrasive surface, it will be as sharp as when you laid hands on it.
  • Makes Cooking Easy: With the traditionally Forged Iron Knife, you know that household chores can be easy-breezy and less time consuming. It actually makes the preparation time more enjoyable, effortless and thus inspires you to cook at home more often.
  • Helps In Iron Absorption: Cutting vegetables withknife blades made from iron, helps in indirect absorption of iron. This will be particularly beneficial for vegetarians who miss out on iron and other essential nutrients.
  • Lesser Nutrient Loss: If you're using a dull knife for cutting herbs, you might notice smudges of green on the cutting board and blade and this is a waste of excellent nutrients. So, the sharper the knife, the more nutrients you retain in the food. When cut with sharper knives, there will be lesser nutrient loss also.
  • Natural Cure for Anaemia: As Iron blades infuse iron into the Veggies cut with them, it is highly recommended for people suffering from Anaemia to use only Iron blades for daily chopping and slicing purposes.

Drawbacks of Machine-Made Knives

Machine Made knives are not just damage prone but can actually cause damages to your health as well. These knives generally do not undergo the rigorous process of hand forging. Instead, they are cut from metals like steel and then attached to into a handle and so there can be no guarantee of Quality as such.

Easily Loses its Sharpness: These Knives will stay sharp only when they are new. As they do not undergo the laborious process of forging, you won’t be able to enjoy the same sharpness for long.

It’s Damage Prone: They are flexible that means they don’t have the sturdiness of Handmade Knives. So, even under light pressure, it tends to breaks easily.

Bad Quality: Machine Made Knives are less qualitative because it is only as good as the steel sheet from which it is cut off.

Blade Coatings can be Hazardous to Health: All that is labelled as “stainless steel” need not be good at all. Either to give a shinier look to the cheap stainless blades or to give it an anti-corrosive coating, manufacturers use hazardous metals like Titanium. Teflon coatings are also commonly given to prevent sticky build-up from food, plastics and adhesives. But with regular usage, these coatings will slowly abrade away into micro particles, get into the food and may make it potentially toxic.


 Bringing Handmade Iron Knives Back in Vouge

Skillful artisans of hailed Blacksmith Communities across India were the ones who used to forge these Iron blades that have survived the test of time. But as generations passed, gradually there were no takers for the blacksmithing among youngsters. And with the advent of Mechanised Production of Knifes, people had chosen convenience over quality and left the traditionally Handmade Knives to battle it alone with their imported Chinese Counterparts. New imports were cheap, good in looks, less expensive and easily available in market. But their poor quality has laid way for the celebrated comeback of these Veteran Knives back into Indian Kitchens.


Realizing this as the right time to bring back its lost glory and reposition the Handmade Iron knives in peoples’ hearts; LAW India is collaborating with Artisans in south for recreating forgotten designs and types of traditional knives. The best of Traditional Handmade Iron Knives, we try to recreate with perfection. Through this, we are also providing sustainable living opportunities for the buyers and artisans alike. Testimony is that you will not need to sharpen these knives like the way you do with other Metal variants. For around 15 years it will remain as sharper as when you bought it for the first time and is ideal for all household purposes. We encourage use and production of Traditionally Handmade Iron Knives along with our other homespun productions.To bag one, please visit our physical store in Trivandrum or log on to our exclusive online Shopping platform www.weaveskart.com. Products available in popular online shopping platforms like www.amazon.in or www.flipkart.com.




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