Kerala Nilavilakku-Light Weight Brass Oil Lamp (9 inch Height)

Kerala Nilavilakku-Light Weight Brass Oil Lamp (9 inch Height)

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Key Features:

  • Specification:Material-Brass;Height-9 inch;Width of upper tier-7.5 cm;Weight-150 gm
  • Nilavilakku is a special kind of Lamp used mainly Indian Kerala and Tamil Nadu. In Malayalam and Tamil, Nilam means Ground and Vilakku means Lamp. Nilavilakku is a important part of Several Hindu ceremonies in Kerala. It is a special type of lamp, with oil and a piece of cotton wick in it with one or more steps or levels.
  • We are assuring that there will not be any leakage within the material.For the convenience of shipping we will dismantle the nilavilakku or samay into different parts.
  • NOTE-Oil should not be poured into the vilaku from its top( Koomb/head).It should be done through any of the sides.Use good quality oil such as sesame or coconut along with a cotton wick.
  • On account of its bright, golden color, the brass material has been widely accepted in home designs. However, brass may become dull and tarnished over time. A good piece will last for very long time even generations with a little care and maintenance. To ensure this , Keep your lamp clean, neat and dry when not in use.To regain its shining rub with a mixture of lemon and salt or tamarind or metal shining powders like pitambari or liquid like dara, brasso available easily in local market.


Symbolisms and stories surround every ancient tradition, including that of the traditional Kerala lamp or the Nilavilakku. Be it Vishu or Diwali, Kerala starts its day with the Nilavilakku – the elegant traditional lamp that is mostly made of either brass or bronze. As the name suggests, Nilam is the ground and vilakku is the lamp – indicating the type of lamp that stands on the ground It is believed that Kerala is where this style of lamps originate from, and the state boasts of superior craftsmanship in brass and bronze lamps. --CLEANING OF BRASS OIL LAMP ----Preservation of its shining is most important while maintain a brass lamp.This can be done by Regular cleaning of the product l, else shining will be reduced . An industrial product such as Pitambari,Dhara can be used specifically for cleaning vilakku. It is easily available in Indian markets and if you are residing outside India, you can use any of the below-mentioned recipes : 1) Take a mixture of table salt and fresh lemon juice (White vinegar can be used instead of lemon).Rub this mixture on the surface until it becomes clean. Wash with plain water and wipe off the excess water immediately with a cotton cloth.2) You can also use tamarind paste instead of the first mixture. After soaking up some tamarind in warm water, in order to make it soft, use the pulp to rub the surface of your lamp. Wash with water and wipe off the excess water with a cotton cloth. Make sure that you use cotton cloth for wiping off the excess water after rinsing your brass nilavilakku. Failing of which will cause a formation of watermarks on the nilavilakku which is hard to get rid of. Avoid rubbing your brass lamp with an abrasive scrubber which may leave scratches. A cotton cloth is preferred for rubbing .Above mentioned methods will keep the nilavilakku shiny and worthy for a long period of time.