Combo of Special Tapioca Chips (Non-Spicy Tapioca Chips + Spicy Tapioca Chips – 250gm each)

Combo of Special Tapioca Chips (Non-Spicy Tapioca Chips + Spicy Tapioca Chips – 250gm each)

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Key features:

  • Package Contents: Kappa/Tapioca Chips (Spicy and Non-Spicy). Perfect tea time vegan snack for all age groups.
  • Ingredients: Raw Tapioca sliced round, Rock salt, Coconut oil and Organic Chilli Powder for spicy tapioca chips and Raw Tapioca sliced round, Rock salt and Coconut oil for non –spicy tapioca chips - We use wood pressed organic coconut oil for making tapioca chips. No reuse of used oil. Tapioca is selected from organic farms planted by women led farming network in Kerala.
  • Specialty: Homemade/ Prepared by Housewives/ Wood pressed Organic coconut oil used/Latest Batch/Made in small Batches/Organically grown ingredients/Non- GMO/ Hygienically Packed/No - Pesticides, Additives, Flavours or Taste Enhancers added
  • Preparation: We remove the skin of tapioca and cut it into small pieces in round shape. Then we wash it in water to remove stains and other impurities. Then we fry it in 100 % pure coconut oil.
  • Shipping: We make our chips only after placing an order and once chips are made, it would be shipped within 8-12 hours. Our chips are homemade and selected and trained women in our group making our tapioca chips.
  • About us: This is a premium quality tea time snacks from the ‘Homemade Snacks Division of ‘LAW of Taste’. LAW India (looms & weaves) is a women owned social enterprise and majority of our team members are women. We are supporting 500 + women groups in the field of farming, handcrafts and other home based business across the country.


Thank you for purchasing our home made tapioca chips online .We hope you would enjoy taste, quality and affordability of our product. We assure you that we are selling only homemade tapioca chips prepared by selected experienced women members in our network. Now 5-6 women members are preparing our chips at their own homes and as per the order they supply it to us. We use only use organically grown coconut oil for our chips making and one time used oil never use for next time. We ensure that within 8-12 hours of its making, chips would be shipped to the buyer through amazon. We make chips from organically grown farms from our women networks. After collecting tapioca we peel it and slice it. After two or three washes, stains on peeled tapioca will be washed away. Then, we make it dried to remove water on chips. We then fry it in coconut oil. Then allows to dry and pack it in a hygienic way. We don't use plastic to pack chips. But in commercially made chips, many unhealthy practices done like, using cheaper vegetable oils instead of coconut oil. We don't use any kind of preservatives, additives or any other chemical agents to make chips, so please use our chips within 30 days of manufacture, though its shelf life is 60 days. We are also selling all kinds of home made treats from Kerala, prepared by experienced women members, who spend a part of their time for income generation activities. We don't use any kind of preservatives, additives or agents in our home made treats.


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