Partner with us

We now invite organizations and individuals running ethical, sustainable and alternative stores/business all over the country. Organic stores, handloom stores, stores run by women, cooperative societies, farmers producing companies, community organizations etc  are invited to do business with us.

We also invite distributors of organic products across the country to sell our products in alternate stores.

Please note that our products are not mass produced and made in small batches.  So at this point we are not in a position to do business with do mainstream business houses/large supply.

Overseas clients

LAW India now started supplying organic spices, handwoven linen items and other natural products to different countries  in EU and US and those who are interested to do export with us, please contact us,  [email protected].

Institutional supply  

LAW India/Malabarica tied up various institutions to do interior, supply customized bath essentials, homemade snacks to various premium hotels and resorts across the country. If anyone needs our specialized customised support, please write to us, [email protected]