Ari Murukku / Rice Flour Spirals - 250 gm - - LAW India (looms & weaves)

Homemade Ari Murukku / Rice Flour Spirals - 250 gm

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Key Features:

  •  A Kerala special homemade snack for your tea time
  • We use only homemade organic coconut oil for making our home made snacks. Used oil will not be used again for making snacks or any other products under our brand.
  • Expiry date is 45 days
  • Our snacks are made by housewives of our women network in their homes. We ensure that our snacks are made in good hygiene environment.


Thank you for purchasing our home made treats online. Our home made treats are prepared by selected and experienced women members in our network. Now 5-6 women do this work in their own homes and as per order they will make it and we pack it in eco friendly packing. . All products are prepared in organic coconut oil prepared by ourselves. We ensure that within 24 hours of its making, our snacks would be shipped to the buyer through amazon shipping service. We are selling all kinds of homemade snacks from Kerala, prepared by talented women members. We choose only organic and pesticide free ingredients and flours for making our snacks. We don’t use any kind of preservatives, additives or other agents in our home made treats. Main snacks under our home made treats are Ari Murukku, Ribbon Pakoda, Kuzhalappam, Ellunda, Ariyunda, Avalos Unda, Avalose Podi, Achappam, Madhura Seva, Masala Mixture, Halwa, Jack Fruit Chips, Tapioca Chips, Banana Chips, Coconut Burfi, Potarto Chips, Upperi, Pea Nut Balls etc. Most of these are Kerala origin, but accepted widely across the country.

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